Throwback Thursday: S.M.H.


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It’s Thursday and we’re going to throw it back! But not to forget it yet to remember the past. To be more specific we’re going to remember the past of Hachland, if you will, we’ll rediscover Hachland.

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The summer of 2003 was a really interesting summer for me, I was at the ripe age of twenty years old and wasn’t sure which way the road was leading me. Granted not much has changed in that factor, but as a college student, who was working for the summer and trying his best to live life to the fullest. Life suddenly got real.

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the passing of my paternal grandmother. It was tough, it was something we were bracing with for a few years leading up to it. She had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment. She was fighting if off pretty well, for a few years at least. Then the disease just started to win the battle. Continue reading


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