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Recently, as recent as the last post till todays post, I’ve been busy. No, not with sleep. In the past two days I’ve only gotten 11 hours of sleep. Now threwout the summer, that would have been a bad sleeping day. But well, I got a job Sunday and football begun.

So without a doubt, things will slow down seemingly, but pratically knowning my strange ways, things will speed up.

Well, one downside to all my real life insanity. I was unable to send Sir Stile (stileproject.com), my link so he could possibly post it. Well, atleast a few people got to do that. He said an estimated 3000 people emailed him. I suppose he doesn’t have an AOL Mailbox, lucky for him.

Well, I’ll probably begin talking to a few of the site owners who emailed him and he posted. I will probably bring them up in a following post. So wait for that.

Also, I’d like to point out, like I haven’t before, although the current pole points that out. Im a huge wrestling fan. I also like to participate in wrestling. Well, I am in this e-fed and well, they just restarted and I went for their International Title (equal to WCW’s US and WWF’s IC) and their Tag Team Title, I won both of them. So congrats go to me.. But what I really wanted to mention was that I was recently emailed by a indy/backyard federation out of Boston named BUWF (Boston Ultimate Wrestling Federation), well, they are supposedly having a death match tournement, of sorts. Well, I would love to do it, but one small problem. No damn ride!

Until next time, I’ve been Hach….