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Like I said in the prior post, I said I would mention a few of the website’s linked by Stile. Well, how about I Want A New Girlfriend. Seemingly excellent topic, right? Well, he seems to ruin it over time.

Another website with a great name, that is just trash is Albany Sux. I have yet to get really invovled with it, but for me, I agree with the name, yet, it seems like a crappy site about a few kids.

As the previously mentioned sites all have HTML flaws, such like mine, Unreal Tournament doesn’t have many HTML flaws, it is strong. But seems to be all about internet news. Nothing this wrestling fans much like, with a title like it is.

Damn AOL! In the middle of writing this “review of stile’s linked pages”, Im booted. Now somebody call my mother, cause it’s time for the second Top Ten List!

Once again this comes from the great land of Noplacespecial, America. Tonight’s topic… Political Parties. It’s Hachland’s Top Ten Reason I Dislkie (hate) Political Parties.

10. Both attempt to capture the young voters, but never do
09. Hog up Valuable TV Time with the given (aka already known)
08. Never comment on things that mean anything to me, but only things that make headline news
07. The only thing that kept Clinton in office
06. Anti-Federalist, didn’t want the Constution
05. Presents hatred at the one place we look for Freedom
04. Confederalist, didn’t want to free the slaves
03. Killed Woodrow Wilson and lead to a second World War
02. Always talk about money
01. Unconstitutional

Well, as I leave you hear tonight, I remind you, to vote for whoever you want, but just vote. Bottom line, you think the current Vice President is good? Or if you think the son of a former President is good? Get yourself out there and register, and come the first Tuesday in November, vote for your favorite candidate. Hell, vote for yourself, vote for me. Just vote!