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Hey.. I hope im not the only one who said that for a title.. i mean i hope I am… well, I watched Stooges thing on ABC.. IT SUCKED!!

I watched Nitro.. I thought it was much better.. I was so damn happy when DDME won, just got happy.. maybe its cause of someone else… and of course can’t hate Kronic with their finisher HIGH TIMES! Plus, Hogan is funniest thing ever.. And the Sting blood bath was funny..

Onto school… TINA.. TINA.. TINA.. Damn, do I feel glad, happy.. we talked for a while during lunch, it was great.. I called her like twice.. got machine and her mom, so damn. I can’t wait till Saturday, so I can see her in her green dress.. She so damn gorgeous

What else.. oh, Amy is kinda funny.. it’s kind of sad too, that she can’t remember what she did with Ray.. poor kid is crying because Amy doesn’t remember seeing E.T. with him.. I laughed..

What else.. something.. hmm.. okay.. Well, lets call this a nite.. its 12:25.. time to jet.. lata