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Oh, my.. well, first off, a nice Wednesday, not as nice as the two days before, but nice, none-the-less. Well, homeroom was nice, then announcement hits “ALL JUNIORS, PLEASE REPORT TO AUDITORIUM” Um.. okay, what the fuck is this all about? I remember like the other day we got yelled at about some yearbook thing that the past Seniors had done, so first off, I believed it was another yelling feast. Well, it turned out to be some military test, it didn’t count, so assume what you might. Mr. Dwyer, performance Guidance counselor, who was the hometown proctor, minus the two female miltary ladies, two G.I. Joes and the two Army dudes in white (sorry, im not to military). Well, I, among others, didn’t give a shit about this test, because it didn’t count, pretty much. So for like three tests, me and Wicked Adobu, raced each other, he won the first, i captured the second, not sure if we did do a third, but we played tick tock toes, and made some sweet paper airplanes. Then it was time to SNAP! Oh, yeah! Heh, a little Randy Savage, for this is Savage Dedication Week.. Dwyer goes crazy and yells at us, and tells us all to “SHUT UP!” I belive I shall have a full write up of this soon..