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Tuesday.. Is there such a thing as Sleepin-In-Tuesdays or possibly just plain Tuesdays? The second of which is from the great movie Office Space. MTV’s only good thing, other then Remote Control, I own that game for NES, just don’t own a workable NES.

Well, after the “hello”, let’s move onward. I’d like to introduce you to design number 548! Well, not really, that’s how many email messages are saved in the AOL favorite places for my HachDawg account. Damn, right?

Well, let’s get this party started. Signed up today for the WhoreHouse game, under my newest personality, Hachey O, that’s why there is a section under Girls, called The “O” Girls. Im not sure if I should use the real hoes I have, or find some on the internet, or what not. So please tell me what you would do.

I’ll be working on all the sites today, I hope you and I will enjoy them, because as warned by Wicked Abobo and virtually Flying Nun, plus any other punk I talk to. So, this will have to be my only lifeline, my only website, and stop making more as said by Wicked Abobo. So, until next time WHOOOOOO!