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Wednesday.. Damn, I can not believe what just happened. On my Staying Home and Sleeping In post I mentioned Office Space, so what’s on HBO at 9:30pm? Fuckin’ Office Space! Ah, such a great movie. Ha..

Well, The girl section is in jepardoy of being replaced by Starfuckers, Inc. my new pimpin’ crew. So far it’s I (as ) and Indigo, as master pimps. We have a couple of Thugz.. Pain, Sin, and two other big pieces of lumber. Our whores will be named later, but we have currently 40 and counting. So if you wanna be a whore, sign up soon!

Sign ups start May 23rd (hopefully by then I’ll have the site finished by then)

This is Wednesday! Well, had ironic (or whatever) it might perhaps just be, that yesterday at 3:25, my last post, I was speaking about Office Space, when what comes on HBO at 9:30pm? Office Space. Damn, what a series of events. Ha. Missed first half hour of course, it’s Season Finale week for Networks. Had to watch the critically acclaimed series – Sports Night. Okay, I might be that critic. But it’s a great show, with such suttle and shuttle movements.

It’s the 17th.. can’t wait till the 31st. Why? Moron. It’s Clerks: The Cartoon Series.

Hooked up my Sega Genesis (version 2, for all you geeks).

And finally, a P.S. If you think this site is plain, well, thank you. But atleast this site, minus the desktop error, I found a few minutes ago, is the best I could do with a 100 plus temp, and a cough so bad, you’d think I was my Father’s 1990 Chevy pickup. Ha.