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DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! Look at me! Well, you can’t cause im a cheap ass bastard who makes two hundred plus websites a day which in a given month.. Well, I really don’t know, nor care to count. Why? Because I am not here today! HA HA! Screw you! Okay, okay.. Sorry, main reason, for the insane post (okay, don’t no two cents of CGI, but we will call this a post) is to ask you, the people (me, myself, and I.. okay, sometimes Greggors and Johnny boy come on). So here, it comes son… WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD MY NAME BE? I mean, I have to many god damn names. Shall I return to my first ever AOL screen name, which was sadly, LUGER11! Or even my first e-federation wrestling name which, yet again is even more sadly then LUGER11, this being, DA MAN! Now, for all you wrestling fags, this was two years before DA came to duh. Ah, huh, buh, dug. Any ways, help me! Shall I go by Hach, HachDawg, Scotty Kronic, Shinobi, Mike Live, Ishma. This list goes on, I wrote about 100 differnet names I’ve used. About a week ago or so, I scared the fuck out of my friend Thompson. I IM’d him under my ScottyKronic name, he thought it was me, I said no. I still can’t find the fun in that as I once did. Oh, well. Another thing, sorry for the lack of updates to the sub pages. For some fucking reason, I had the god damn nerve to sleep yesterday. If you care it was from 5pm till “SON, GET UP! TIME TO MAKE THE BUS!” aka 6am. DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT!