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Got myself the Papa Roach CD entitled INFEST! Pretty nice compact disc.. I’ll prob sell it.. Best Buy is a nice place to buy CDs.. just can’t wait for Target..

So how did I get this, woke up with a ring from brother Ray. and we sailed the seven seas over to brother Jay and smoked on over to the MALL.. Stopped by Broken Wallet Town (Record Town) I think I saw a cd for 22 bucks.. OUTRAGEOUS! Any how, tried to change Jay into a slacker like Ray and myself, maybe gotta go to his girl.. Hmm.. Went to Hooters. I am quite glad I have a ounce of self-justice.. or something, because if I didn’t. I would be hanging it with Tommy Lee.. Damn Drunk..

Wrestling.. God must have created this.. Nitro’s main event was Flair-Jarrett.. MAIN EVENT STYLE!! Kronic has some cool t-shirts.. it says on the front KRONIC 4:19 and on the back “GOT A MINUTE?” GOOD STUFF!

Well, not much of an update.. changed the design a tad.. I’ve gotten some good responeses.. so as Willy Wonka would like to say TA TA