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t’s not D-Day, it’s not V-Day, it’s THE day. It’s THE day of the debut of The Critic’s to network television. Oh, my god. This has to be one of my greatest days in my whole entire life.

My mother told me that Kevin Smith was on Howard Stern smorin’ so that’s so damn cool. But I guess ABC already cancelled the fucking show, so fuck ABC! Once again, for your backyard wrestlers, you know what the fuck I’m talking about.

Well, It’s Wednesday already, and yesterday I just slept.. Ugh.. Ha.. Okay, so I guess im going to THE school dance this Friday with this nice girl. Ironically in a way, her name is Amy. I like her, she is like up tight, but doesn’t wear to much make up, which I really hate. Why the fuck do girls get all this shit load of make up on, and when you wake up next to them, you’ll probably say, who the fuck are you. Cause you just don’t know who the fuck they are, after they get the make-up off of them. So.. Well, that’s just my life.

Here is some stuff I remember from yesterday, that I would like to send out.. For those of you (John) who remember me talking about Tina. Well, here is an update about that chick.. She some how got stuck up after I went to the prom with her. But she went out with a Freshmen, bitch ass kid, who is DIRTY and a fucking MORON. Well, yesterday (Tuesday), she was filling out some stupid t-shirt shit.. And I told JR, fat son of a bitch, but is damn cool, I told him don’t let blondes buy any damn t-shirts.. she told me to kiss her ass.. so i did.. she was shocked… But fuck that.. She changed my ass.. It’s fucked up, like for the longest time, I was this quiet little fucker.. And now, i just don’t give a damn.. so fuck that.. Ha..

More fucking updates.. HTML class, I got sad.. not because of my grade, by the way its a shocking 100.. But I went to stileproject.com and well, they got a sold out look now.. So fuck that.. I got extremely sad.. But got happier in Health, for some odd reason.. I like this girl Caitlin.. She’s very nice, and very different.. She’s not one of those girls who plays are fake and shit, she’s real, which I like.. She’s going out with this one kid, Scott, he is big time druggie.. She doesn’t like that.. So.. Just so.. any ways, I guess she caught another Caitlin, TJ’s girl, kissing some dick.. So she told.. It is the right thing to do.. Not sure how TJ feels, but he seemed okay..

Well, I’ve blabbed for an hour about my social life.. I’ll just tell ya.. Watch Clerks at 9:30, watch wCw Thunder at 9:05.. but watch Clerks.. or atleast have it on, get some ratings for that damn show, cause it’s damn good.. And as I already went over, it’s fucking cancelled already or some shit.. so fuck Who Wants To suck and be a millionare.. FUCK IT!

By the way just call me Hach..