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Okay, as I listen to the Ozzy classical song Iron Man, which mostly describes myself. Ah, I fucked up again. Ha..

Well, let me explain, a girl, who is currently seeing someone asked me out, pretty much. I felt damn good. Then as a day goes by, one of my best friends, gets fucked up by his girl. She cheated on him. That little bitch. So now, I don’t know what the fuck to do. Ha.. Im such a Relationship Killer

Okay, Clerks was last night. It seems what I got from my Florida Posse aka Flying Nun, he thought it wasn’t all that great. But I thought it described everything wrong in the world today, and nailed everything on the head. Yes, there was some question as why the fuck it was the 4th Episode, well, that’s ABC for ya. I, personally thought, it was damn good. And a few chillens from School agreed with I.

Um.. Stile is back to normal, someone tell me to get off the Exceed. Ah.. what else, wCw thunder was quite funny, they go from saying don’t let your youngsters wrestler, and then here comes 12 year old.. HA.. Ha..

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