Title: Back

I got up today and hurt my back
But good for me i saw Dynamite Hack
He said he’d cover another NWA song
So I took out my favorite bong
Smoked up with him and Gov. Bush
Damn, wouldn’t you know, I had to rush
Because everything i ever knew
Was gona go up and turn blue
So then i turned around and saw him
I knew i was high as fuck, but it was him
It was my legend, mister Eazy mother fucking E
I went insane, i went loco, i went crazy
Then e gave me a pill
And told me to chill
So as i tossed it down my throat
I swear i saw a blue-pink goat
But e said it was just my mom
So i started to scream and told her to get out of my room
I said fuck, i said shit, i said mother fucker
Then just as i saw the light i heard my father
He said don’t get you stupid shit
Then i go up and got hit
Things went crazy again, it turned black
And bam, i saw a big flash, but i came back
Because thats my story
Why, cause i got no glory
Fuck, i just met my legend
But then i realized
I got no legend
‘Cause korn says everyone sucks
So then again i went with all the fucks
And turned myself upside down
Now im smiling, that’s not a frown
So tell me to go, because i said so
I’ll tell you this is the good stuff
But your bark and scream for snuff
But i got no hoes for you to kill
Then you’ll take me to the mill
And damn, this song is just about over
Because u cut me in two
And used for a bar stool
Wouldn’t ya no i get the fat ass boozer