Title: Just Plain User

I’m a loser
I’m part of the anti-social
Fuck, i live in a town called Ravena
Why couldn’t it be called ‘Vena?
Ain’t that such a more romantic name
Except it’s Ravena
What the fuck does it mean
It’s like a femine Raven or something
Or someone said, “oh, look at the birdie”
And called it Shitonmia
But fuck it ain’t even cool enough to be called
New albany or Yappai
It’s fucking gay ass Ravena
So why the fuck don’t we all just call it ‘Vena
So we don’t sound like RA-RA-RA-Rejects to the anti-social
You never heard of this town
And you’ll never hear of my shit
‘Cause not even my mother will care
She won’t listen she just won’t
So just fuck it cause im sick of trying
To act like Jon Davis
And screaming that “ALL YOU READY!”
And fuck Fred Durst, Cause I had the nookie
But I’ll stick with the god damn pink
It sucks livin’ in Ravena, being a damn user
A boozer, just plain user