Title: Stay Cool

In kindergarden I remember playing with blocks all damn day
Yes all fucking day, the whole fucking day
In 1st grade we sang songs about you and I
You were my sunshine, and then an eclipse came
And I was moved away and went to a town they called Ravena
In 2nd grade I read books and supposedly made friends
In 3rd grade I remember playing with sticks and metal
Things in what they called music class
In 4th grade I learned about electricty
And played with crayfish
In 5th grade I remember getting dropped
on a trumpt case and lost my two front teeth
but the suck ass thing for me, they were only half of each
In 6th grade, it happened again
In 7th grade i went loco on some damn kid
And almost killed him
In 8th grade I just chilled and leraned about being smart
And acted like my dad and played with the market
In 9th grade I played football and dressed like Kurt Cobain
Although I later found out, Kurt had been dead for three years
The man had committed suicide, I thought about it, but shit my pants
In 10th grade I threw out the flannel, didn’t drink no sprite
But became a perv, asking some chick if I could feel her titte
Both of them, and then her boyfriend acting like Tommy Lee
Tried to start shit with me, I laughed it off, because I’m me
Now, I chill in my last few days in 11th grade
Just making sure i pass this damn grade
Praying and hoping, I don’t go to summer school
So I get a car, forced into getting a job, and stay cool