Title: A Fighter’s Tale

Pound for pound the greatest
Better than Cassius Clay
The biggest and the fastest

Nothing remains bleak
After a stab at my heart
My love begins to leak
Grab me, Hold me, So I can start

This is who you are
I’m the drunk in the corner
Take me away from the bar
Genissis, Journey and Foreigner
Don’t and won’t be able to break
What I’ve become trapped
They don’t sing about lonliness
Only happy people who’ll never be raped
I can’t be your dream
Perfect man I can not
SO I’ll be rude, ‘Cause you know not
Find me out and take me away
Tired of this Liberal world
I’m Sorry because you’ll never know
Suicide I laugh at
This life gets me down
Soon I’ll break out
Find me in Mexico
Looking for another ho