So it’s that day we all come to known as St. Patrick’s Day. Well, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol today, but I did my share of drinking this weekend. Friday, got myself a Big Bear and a 12 pack of Beast Ice. Then on Saturday went to the parade drinking Heineken and Bud Light. The parade was something alright. On this adventure we did a pre-game in my room and had Buddah drive my car. I know, what the hell was I thinking. While up there Ravena Black talked to a crackhead. I think he was trying to play it cool, I mean Ravena Black, not the crackhead. It was quite funny. The crackhead seemed to be the real life character portrayl of Dave Chappelle’s character. The crackhead told Ravena Black to be a leader. Well, Ravena Black, be a LEADER!!

Well, any how, so the weekend had a huge scare. As results from Fridays party, rumors had it I was getting the boot out of my house. But now, all things are cool and so don’t worry about me. Not like anything would have happened. I guess I just would have been moving to Syracuse. HAHAHA… Damn, I wish I did get the boot. I’d be going to a better school. Well, OCC would have been fun. At least a better location. That would have been really fucking odd. I guess me and Loozer (Toefer) would have finally met and started that garage band. I would of course not have been as good. But hey, I have a three string guitar, and I could kick your ass!

St. Patty’s Day… Too much drinking. For a drunk like me, I decided not to drink.