Title: Defy

My Mother, My Father
Taught me morals
Then came brother
Family torn apart by orals

He doesn’t treat me right
Throw away everything
going out every night
Sorry I have nothing to bring

Mommy, please help
Was there to help me
Everything you’ve ever delt
Now it’s time to blame

Nobody cares when the unit
Becomes weak and worthless
I can’t believe he’s done it
Instead of more it’s time for less

Marriage is a symbolism
Of a greater power
Forget polynism
Time for the chowder

Nothing remains the same
When your life becomes torn
Who cares who I am
Nobody ever gave a turn

How can I hide the knide
When you defy
Change my life
Stuck asking why

Never again can I comply
Screw what I believe
Stopped by another lie
What will I do Christmas Eve

Suck it up, move on
Hide yourself it’s your choice
Into another room, sit on the john
Defy, you have a voice