Title: Spin

Alone again wondering how I got here
Starring into space picturing all your grace
I want to take your hand bring you home tonight
Hold you tonight spin you around

Ask me a question tell you an answer
Your unsure of my words unpositive of who i am
I’d like to tell you I’m the one, but allI was is a spin

Diferent day same questions

Let me spit this out
Turn your head
I’ve done forgot
Drink too much makes me a wreck
Your bullshit sounds like bisquit
Write this down
It’s all in the book
Ask me whats written
But it’s not what I’m thinking

Take my hand we’ll be alone
Starring at me starring at you

What are you covering up
Scares are meant to be seen
Don’t fear the beer
Cake the make up on
Gain another tatoo
I stay original
Simple ’cause I’m me