Title: Split Personalities

Wake up just another day
Yet there’s an odd taste
Somethings not right, somethings a fray
A familiar smell from my past

What’s going on I shouldn’t feel
All this hatred I’ve never had
My toubles don’t seem to remain
Asking myself is this a fad

Recieve a call
It’s an old friend
Am i to fail
My heart I lend

What’s going on i should succeed
All this love i’ve never given
Troubles i have begin to feed
Asking myself is this heaven

Forgot all of last night
Did it evn occur
Didn’t drink, no drugs, did i fight
There was a full moon, I’m going to hurl

What’s going on I shouldn’t bite
All this hair i’ve never seen
Troubles I have begin to compete
Asking myself is this my friend

Was I a wolfman
She tells me I was great
What happened inside my brain
To have forgotten all of last

Whats going on i should please
All this greatness I’ve never heard
Troubles I have begin to lease
ASking myself is this to curd

Maybe it wasn’t me
Yet it is and was
How can I have been so free
Who was last night, was it taz?

Whats going on….