Title: Stuck In A Dream

Send out a sign
Call out my name
I need to know you
Turn on the emotions
Turn off the blame
Are you still out there
Starring back in the mirror
Did I do right
I feel I’ve done so much wrong
Am I bigger than I think
Do people honestly look up to me
How can a waste of life
Be the power to so many
Can you sit back and listen
You are a bitch
If you can’t demand what I ask
I am so step away
Cause I think too much
Take in all this blame
The mystery to us
Is the way you and I will remain
Stop moaning I’m going
Back in my room it’s a comfy dungeon
I’m a player – hate the game
Off doing my own thing
Why should I chnage
No rason to
I’m tired of taking it in
Its time for my recurrance