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In the many years of wrestling there has always been something known as territories, where one wrestling federation would rule and show their loyal support to the community by throwing a wrestling show every so often and those territories would have their own exclusive wrestlers and sometimes they would trade their wrestlers to other territories and compete with others.

But this all seemingly died when Vincent K. McMahon Jr. took over what was then known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), which over the years has become known as the World Wrestling Federaton (WWF) and is now know world wide as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). McMahon turned the terriorties into a defunt feature when he started the first touring wrestling show.

Yet wrestling in small towns is yet dead. The small guy still lives and breathes. And that’s what we will take a look at in this weekly or monthly update. As you may know we here at Hachland Wrestling cover the WWE, NWA-TNA, ROH and CZW.But what I’m going to do is tell you about the smaller guys, not part of the national scene but the what I like to call the boys of tomorrow. Although you may or may not see wrestling legends partaking in these smaller event wrestling shows.

So with all that gibberish said let’s take a look at the following wrestling federations: NWA Wildside, WOHW, NWA-FL, CWA, NYWC, IWF as well as many more federations. I will also possible promote MLW and 3PW, who promote bigger names in wrestling such as former wrestling stars.

For this being my first article on this I shall talk about who and what are these federations and their current champions along with future bouts they shall hold with location and various other information. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Let’s begin with the WOHW, known as the World Of Hurt Wrestling. This is a fedeartion located near me and I have gown to a few of their shows. WOHW currently has three divisions where they split their roster three ways to spread out their talent and boost more of the talent to top billing and as well to hold various shows in different locations. The three divisions are known as World Of Hurt, World Of Hurt: Genesis, World Of Hurt: Fusion. With three seperate divisons they have different titles for each diviison and those being:

World Of Hurt

Heavyweight: Texas Outlaw

United States: Jimmy Jact Cash

Dynamite: Nick Neighborhood

Tag Team: Shockwave & Jeff Starr

World Of Hurt: Genesis

Heavyweight: Swinger Sidusky

Tag Team: Deliverance

World Of Hurt: Fusion

Heavyweight: Punk

Tag Team: Danger & Punk

Cruiserweight: Kid Krush

With WOHW’s Roll Call of Champions completed the only thing we can do is look forward to the future of WOHW. And with the holidays coming up not much is being promoted nor can there be with their current struggle with The NY State Athletic Commision and a man by the name of Zane Allen. What is happening is that the NYSAC wants more money because WWE has negoticated their way out of being known as a sport and changed their way to a entertainment business. Thus pinning high fee’s on the smaller wrestling federations. So with this said I promote the signing of this petition. To keep wrestling in New York State. Hey, we do have the Wrestling Hall of Fame. So support wrestling and
support fun!

To read more about WOHW visit
their website
or check back here for more.


Moving onwards, in support of the little guy. Let’s take a look at the NWA Wildside, a breeding ground for today’s biggest stars. NWA Wildside was born in 1999 with the merger of NWA Georgia and NCW. With their own TV deals worked out with local stations and a list of former stars of theirs who’ve become huge stars in the wrestling world and those stars include the likes of AJ Styles, The Briscoe Brothers, and Shane Helms with a long list of other young wrestling stars

With all this said who is the current champions of NWA WIldside? Well, hold your breath and I’ll tell you.

– NWA Wildside Heavyyweight Champion: Onyx

– NWA Wildside Tag Team Champions:

– NWA Wildside Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Terry Ray Gordy, Jr.

– NWA Wildside TV Champion: Rainman

And as for the future of NWA Wildside with upcoming events the next NWA Wildside TV Taping is Saturday December 6th, 2003 at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA…..tickets are available at the NWA Wildside website or can be reserved by calling 706-894-1234 or 770-621-9533. The current confirmed matches for this event include:

– NWA Wildside Heavyweight title Match: Onyx defends against Murder One

– Jeremy V & Brandon P face off against CZW’s Z-Barr & Nick Berk

– The Texas Death Club, Masata & Todd Sexton will be in action

– Jimmy Rave returns looking for a match with NWA Wildside TV Champion Rainman,
yet so is former TV Champion Caprice Coleman

– Plus returning to NWA Wildside are Delirious & Daizee Haze

So check out NWA Wildside events and check out their website.


Well, so far we’ve covered two wrestling federations. One from New York and another from Georgia. So what’s left to talk about? Well, I’m going to talk about a lot more federations from all around American States, Canada and International. But what we shall start with is with another American State in New Jersey while I shall cover Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

Jersey All Pro is a wrestling federation which has cemented it’s name as being Jersey’s Fed. Near the current hot bed of wrestling located in Philadelphia. Jersey All Pro promotes itself on promoting big profile matches. Jersey All Pro like NWA Wildside has their own television program, they call it Hard Hitting TV. They’ve also had a long running relationship with great wrestling legends as wrestling’s future.

Well, moving on with Jersey All Pro, you are all probably wondering about their champions. Well don’t worry no more, ’cause their world champion is a shocker! So here’s their roll call:

– Jersey All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: Jerry “The King” Lawler

– Jersey All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Slyk Wagner Brown & April

– Jersey All Pro Wrestling Television Champion: Skinhead Ivan

– Jersey All Pro Wrestling Light Heavyweight Champion: Azrieal

With the roll call of champions complete, let’s look to the future of Jersey All Pro. And with this the upcoming events, and here’s a little spoiler for the next segment. This is going to be my biggest event listing with the biggest names! I’m so giddy. So without further ado, here we go. Jersey All Pro will be presenting Seasons Beating 2003 on Saturday, December 13th, 2003 at the Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, NJ with the bell time at 8:00pm. The current list of matches include:

– JAPW Heavyweight Title Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler defends his title against Dan Maff

– AJ Styles versus Christopher Daniels

– JAPW Tag Team Title Match: Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter defends their titles agianst The Christopher St. Connection of Buff E and Mace

– Number 1 Contenders Tag Team Match: The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz of EC Negro & KC Blade vs. The H Effect of Dixie & Deranged

– Also Appearing Shane Douglas, Dangerboy Derek Wylde, Skinhead Ivan, The Ol Boy, Azrieal, Jonny D, Ref Hanson, Paul Turner, The Bald Guy, Mark Clemson and much more

Check out Jersey All Pro’s website for more information.

Wow, this is actually taking some hard researching. Which obviously here at Hachland we really don’t do. Heh.. Just kidding. Well, maybe I should have just previewed one federation. Or something, well, anyhow, I’m gona preview some upcoming events and maybe in the future talk about who and what they are. So here we go with this quick listing of upcoming events.

Pound for Pound Promotions Presents:

Takeover 2003

Saturday, November 22nd, 2003, 7:00 P.M.

The Arena [ 4251 34th Street North | St. Petersburg, FL | (727) 526-0506

* Tickets are only NINE BUCKS in advance and TWELVE at the door!!!

** FREE BEER for all Paid Adults with I.D.

** * Fan Appreciation Night! All Kids 12 and Under Get in Free with a Paid

– NWA Florida Heavyweight Title Match: Scoot Andrews defends against “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison

– Last Man Standing Match: Mikey Tenderfoot vs Justice vs Sedrick Strong vs Stash vs Naphtali vs Mercury

– NWA Florida X Title Match: Roderick Strong defends against Lex

– Grudge Match: Mike Sullivan w/ Jenni Lee vs Rod Steel

– NWA Florida Tag Team Title Match: Shane Brothers defend against Mikey Batts & Eric Stevens

– Special Challenge Match: Frankie Capone w/ Cannon vs Bruce Steele

– Hardcore War!: Havoc vs Maximum Capacity

– Also Featuring: CHAOS, Cuban Assassin, Mark Zout, Hot Ass Amy Love, Pretty Fly, Kevin Devine, James Hendrix, Job Zout, Boles Azoles and more.


The Carolina Wrestling Federation is in action on Saturday, November 22nd, at the brand new Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC. The event begins at 7:30pm. To reserve your seats in advance, please send your name and number of seats to cwf-info@carolinawrestlingfederation.com and you will receive the best seats available at the time your e-mail arrives.

This special event is entitled “Ultimate Survivor” and will feature two huge survivor matches. The first ever Triathlon Suvivor match ever held in the United States was held in the the CWF. On Nov. 22nd that historic match returns again as “The Hirydaz” (Mikael Yamaha, Sexton Tyler, & Gemini Kid) face “The Dynasty” (Ric Converse, Brad Attitude, & Brad Rainz) wage war under the Triathlon Survivor rules. The match is actually a best of 3 falls match as the first fall is a singles match, the second fall is a tag team match, and the third fall (if necessary) is a six man tag team match. Only the strong can survive!

The second survivor style match will pit “The Crew” (Corey Edsel, American Steel Ninja, Brass Munkey, and GeeStar) vs. Brad Stutts’ Coalition Forces (believed to be UNOD’s Drake Tungsten, Kurt Solo, and Matt Houston, which other member he will select is unknown since UNOD’s Hugh B. Johnson is now gone due to his Loser Leave Town match he lost on Nov. 8). Both teams of four members will fight until one team is eliminated, one-by-one. This match could spell the end of one team in more ways than one because Commissioner Cross has lifted his ban of deadly piledriver maneuver for this match!

Plus you’ll see much more of the 2003 Rising Generation League Tournament featuring reigning RGL Champion Xsiris, former RGL Champion Kamikaze Kid, Mitch Norris, Kenny James, and more!

Also slated to appear include Sean Powers, Tim Blaze, Trent Wylde and more!

The Independent Wrestling Federation is ready to kickoff the holiday season in grand style as live action returns to the IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ, on Saturday, November 22, 7:30 pm, and Sunday, November 23, 3:30 pm. It’s “Thanksgiving Thunder Weekend” and the blockbuster events feature the return of a WWE superstar.

The weekend festivities begin on Saturday, November 22, and the main event pits IWF Heavyweight Champion “BoneCrusher” Fred Sampson against former three-time champion Kevin Knight. WWE superstar Dr. Tom Prichard will serve as the special guest referee in this bout that marks the first singles re-match between these two combatants since Sampson captured the belt from Knight on May 17. With Prichard officiating to offset any underhanded assistance from Knight’s “Lethal Injection” cronies, can Sampson extend his six-month title reign or will Knight become the first four-time IWF Champion?

The IWF American Title will be on the line as champion Shawn Donavan defends against the popular Brandon Young. During his seven-month title reign, the unscrupulous Donavan has done everything in his power to keep his title, including intentional count-outs and disqualification’s. However, in this title re-match against Young, Commissioner AJ Sparxx has proclaimed the title will change hands if Donavan is counted-out or disqualified. With the playing field leveled, can Young capture his first singles championship?

In a bout to determine the new number one contender for an upcoming IWF Heavyweight Title Match, former two-time IWF Champion Roman faces Travis Blake. Roman, who has his sights set on a third championship reign in the near future, must first get by Blake. But can lightning strike twice for Blake who already holds a recent upset victory over Roman?

The new IWF Tag Team Champions Biggie Biggs and “Flamboyant” Eloy Fiesta put the gold on the line against Shane O’Brien and Erik Andretti. Biggs and Fiesta won the gold from O’Brien and Andretti in a hard-hitting affair on October 26 at “Evil Intentions.” This return bout is sure to be just as physical.

Also on November 22, IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion “Dangerous” Dan McGuire squares off against challenger Jay Blaze. And in a six-man tag team affair, Aaron Stride, Sean Royal and David Delgado tangle with Vik Voorhees, Tony Torres and Chris Steeler. Also set to appear are Commissioner AJ Sparxx, BPA Barry, Matt Bennett, Rich Ross and more.

The action will be just as wild on day two of “Thanksgiving Thunder Weekend” on Sunday, November 23, as all the stars of the IWF will be appearing. Three title matches also highlight the Sunday card.

3PW (Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling) makes it’s long awaited return to the historic VIKING HALL in South Philadelphia on Saturday, November 22nd with an 8pm belltime. “Blood, Brawls, and Broads” are guaranteed, as 3PW promises to deliver the best in true Philly style action.

Low Ki and Homicide will return to Philly on November 22!!


The new 3PW commissioner who has yet to be revealed has taken his first act in his role as commissioner. The mysterious new commissioner has stripped 3PW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible of his title for actions unbecoming a champion! He has mandated that there be a new champion crowned on Saturday November 22 in a 3 way dance!! The participants in this 3 way title encounter will be Sabu, The Sandman and ?????..the new 3PW commissioner! The new 3PW commissioner will be revealed as he makes his way to the ring November 22!!!

IAN ROTTEN vs. the debuting RUDEBOY

From the mid south to the east coast, IAN ROTTEN is easily one of the most violent men to ever set foot in a wrestling ring, period. On Nov. 22nd, Rotten returns to 3PW to unleash his unique brand of carnage on a new foe, RUDEBOY! Best known for his involvement with the Insane Clown Posse’s JCW promotion, as well as his appearance in the new “Backyard Wrestling” video games, Rudeboy has emerged as a new hardcore “hero” of sorts. This match will NOT be for the faint of heart, but for those who like straight up violence, this should set a new standard for 3PW, and that’s saying something!


In a return match from earlier this year, HOMICIDE will go one-on-one with “The All Around Best” XAVIER! These two has an incredible encounter the first time around, with Homicide picking up a narrow victory. Since then, Homicide has truly come into his own, turning heads with stellar performances against the likes of Justin Credible and Kid Kash, and could benefit from another big win here. Xavier hasn’t been seen in 3PW since his last encounter with “Notorious 187” but is totally focused on evening the score against the fellow New Yorker. With both men more fiercely determined than ever to take the other down, this one could be a technical classic for the ages!

Also set to appear:

– “Pitbull” Gary Wolf

– Jasmin St. Claire and “Sugar Daddy” Tod Gordon

– Roadkill

– The Blue Meanie

– Rob Eckos

– “Hotstuff” Striker

– Monsta Mack

– Nick Berk

– Damian Adams

– Ricky Vega

– Josh Daniels

– CJ O’ Doyle

* Tickets from October 3 will be honored the night of Nov. 22.

International Wrestling Cartel returns to action this Saturday at the New IWC Arena, located at the West Hills Shopping Plaza in Coraopolis, PA with a 7:30 pm belltime.

Matches scheduled:

– IWC Heavyweight Title Match: Sterling James Keenan vs. Dennis Gregory

– Shane Douglas/Mike Preston vs. Bubba The Bulldog/Jimmy Vegas

– AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin

– Eric Xtasy/Jimmy Jacobs vs. JT Rodgers/Troy Lords

– IWC Tag Team Title Match: M-Dogg 20/?? vs. Devil’s Advocate vs. The Ring Crew Express (Dunn/Marcos)

– Super Hentai vs. Alex Shelley

– Shark Boy vs. Fabulous

– Dean Radford vs. Carlton Kaz

* Tickets are $15 and $12.

New York Wrestling Connection returns to action this Saturday, November 22 at the Deer Park Community Center, located at 41 Homer Ave., Deer Park, NY with a 7:00 pm bell time.

– Mason Raige/Johnny Ova/Crusher Doogan vs. Mikey Whipwreck/Dickie Rodz/Wayne (with Veronica Payne)

– Light Heavyweight #1 Contender’s Match: “Everyone’s Favorite Wrestler” Dan Barry vs. Grim Reefer vs. “Disturbed” Damien Dragon (with Foxxy Dreams) vs. Jay Lethal

– Strap Match: “Southern” Vinny Stylin’ vs. Tony Burma

– Mayhem vs. “M-Tizzle” Mike Tobin

– Los Luchas Hermanos (with Tara Charisma) vs. Guillotine LeGrande/Chief Dudley

– Demolition Blast vs. Lamar Braxton Porter

– Nick Noshus vs. Joey Braggiol

– Matt Hype vs. Havok (with “Sure Thing” John Shane)

– Also featuring Prince Charles, Nuke, Tommy King, Livewyre, the girls from HOOTERS, and more.

So before we end this weeks column, let’s do a quick review of the sites I’ve talked about by giving them another quick buzz by listing their websites.

World Of Hurt Wrestling

NWA Wildside

Jersey All Pro Wrestling

NWA Florida

Carolina Wrestling Federation

Independent Wrestling Federation

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling (3PW)

International Wrestling Cartel

New York Wrestling Connection

Well, this concludes the first ever On The Outside Looking In. Check out for future editions of On The Outside Looking In and always keep it local and be a true independent.