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With the recent capture of Saddam. Matt and Hach got together again to talk about the “war” in Iraq.
So without further ado…… read…..

Matt: I just read that article you wrote titled Saddam, Bush & GORE! And I might have to do the Bush-Hitler parallel chart. The similarities are endless.

Hach: Haha

Matt: Both were men suffering from Napolean Syndrome (Small men attacking bigger ones to seem tough), both attemt to conker other countries to increase the military and economy

Hach: Bush wouldn’t of had to if it wasn’t for a man named Clinton

Matt: The US has a police force that attacks it’s citizens, the Nazis were a police force. Both followed up WEAK presidency. German economy was shit, while ours grew, but has since turned to shit. Due the Bush

Hach: The police thing, i agree with, but the one who put more cops on the streets is a again a man named Clinton

Matt: Which to leg to my other point, of conquering other countries to increase
the economy

Hach: Ours turned to shit ’cause of 9/11.

Matt: No necessarily. It turned to shit on 9/11 because of the stock market. That could happen on any day. And it recovers.

Hach: And it has

Matt: It hasn’t recovered because of a lack of job opportunities our government provides. You think it’s recovered? Interesting… I agree with one point you make though. Having Gore in the White House during 9/11 would have been FAR worse. A democrat has no concept of war. The main problem I have with Bush is this — I fully support any action he’d like to make towards Osama/Afghanistan. Always have, I’d fight for that. But he used the situation of 9/11 to point our attention towards something else he had a vendetta with Saddam was out of the news, and silent for YEARS until Bush spun 9/11 to go towards Iraq.

Hach: Well, yeah, but Saddam has been far worst for far longer.. yes, the 80 war was mainly our fault.. b/c of the whole Cold War error. True.

Matt: When they had no weapons, they had no involvement in 9/11 etc…

Hach: As for the Stock Market last week before we caught Saddam it did go up over 10,000 points before anyone

Matt: He spun everything to take the hatred we had, and wanted us to go for Iraq

Hach: well, it was like another Vietnam in some sense.. during the Gulf War we didn’t finish the job.

Matt: Which is taking advantage of a situation we shouldn’t forget, and a situation that should NEVER be taken advantage of. Which is low. And totally spun my support for him completely around, and caused me to hate him. See, instead of saying Bush is a drunk, I can actually SUPPORT my case

Hach: Correct… But i don’t hate him, yes, he announced war on Iraq, but we probably, and I’m not sure about this but we had troops in Iraq before any of this shit happened this year

Matt: Oh, I know that without a doubt. He did that shit without even SEEING if we supported it. So he used that whole situation to make his actions seem right. Which almost makes you think that the US MIGHT have known. about 9/11 happening, and LET it happen

Hach: But would you have been pleased if we didn’t do anything after 9/11?

Matt: No. But we targeted the wrong people. I don’t believe in just attacking somebody for the sake of doing it. Attack somebody who is a THREAT. Is Osama was in Afghanistan, turn that fucking place into glass.

Hach: And with Saddam in charge in Iraq, we weren’t going to stop fighting him until he was out of office.. How many years did we fight with the USSR? Hell, we we’re once alias with them.

Matt: Bomb that sand until it no longer resembles sand. We aren’t fighting them now, and nothing ever changed to pull somebody from office.

Hach: well, that’s what we did with Iraq… Hell, we did find Saddamn with 750,000 dollars plus, thus leading to the point he had some involvement. Well, he’s out.

Matt: Think about this — Would you keep all your money invested in a foreign dollar, especially the Iraqi unit, when your dollar is worth shit? I’m not making up excuses or anything, but I’m just saying to keep an open mind and not eat everything the media feeds you. Every single thing they spin the way they do can be explained in another way.

Hach: Well, that’s a question, I really can’t answer.. ‘Cause hell, no doubt you would want more money, and hell you would want more respect

Matt: Do you really have more money though if being an Iraqi billionaire means you have 10,000 American?

Hach: True, it can, but hey, what about respect… His father was a president, he’s got republican backing, and he’s wasnt’ going to be a legendary president, if he didn’t do this.

Matt: When we look back years from now, he won’t be remembered as legendary.

Hach: True, I understand.. but let me compare this to the whole thing going on in MLB today, with A-Rod… He’s willing to give up 30 Million to go to Boston to win a championship.

Matt: He’ll be remembered as somebody who murdered thousands for no reason. Yes, and how does that relate?

Hach: Spend money to get legendary status

Matt: Scholars don’t consider money when deciding who is a legend. True, thus the reasoning to defend your “spending billions of dollars”. Huh, I never mentioned spending money?

Hach: How about when you said this? “Which to leg to my other point, of conquering other countries to increase the economy”

Matt: I didn’t say I supported that. I’m just making the parallel

Hach: Alright then… I see

Matt: Bush and Hitler did many similar things. I truly think the American public will someday look back at George Jr and see how badly he fucked this country up. And the way people look at this country

Hach: Well, maybe so… but it could definitely be worse… and i think the reasoning for most of his things that he’s had to do, we’re because of his father

Matt: Oh, without a doubt. The only reason he spun the attention to Iraq is because of his father. I don’t think we necessarily got ATTACKED because of George Senior. But we definitely DID attack because of him

Hach: Maybe so…

Matt: I think so…