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It’s officially the first day of Winter here in Upstate New York. The Oh, so lovely upstate….. I say that with emotion. Some emotion. Any positive? You guess. So well, I guess this should be called something else. Maybe The Hach Show, but hey, I don’t know? We’ve been cancelled by HLN too many times. Those damn big wigs. But that’s why we Eat The Brain…. What will we eat today?

First and foremost, as I began researching, yes I research, for today’s article. babble, or what-have-you, I obviously made a visit to ESPN.COM. I just found out another sad passing of football legacy. Unlike the passing of Otto Graham, this passing isn’t in-directly hitting the Hall Of Fame world on storm, but of a future Hall Of Famer and a team which has the most Hall Of Famers already in the Hall.

This sadly being the father of Brett Farve, obviously my favorite quarterback of all-time. Farve’s father just recently passeed away. Irvin Farve who was just a mere 58 year old man, passed away of a heart attack or a stroke while he was driving, Mississippi state police said.

Irvin and Brett we’re your classic Father-Son duo. The two even played Coach and Player at Hancock North Central High School. For three years Brett was the starting quarterback, yet with a abundance of good running backs, the Hancock North usually ran the wisbone. Which led to one of the school’s signature plays, which was a pitchout with Brett leading the way as a blocker.

“If I had wanted to showcase my son, I could have let him throw,” Irvin Favre said later. “But I thought I did a good job in that what I was doing was in the best interest of the team.”

Irvin Favre followed his son’s NFL career closely and considered the Packers’ Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots in New Orleans among the best events of his life.

“Sometimes I think it’s just a football game,” Irvin Favre said at the time. “Then when I think about it, I realize it’s the world’s championship.

“It’s hard to believe that the little boy we raised has done all this.”

With all this said, it’s going to be hard for Brett to not only continue his stretch of 204-consecutive starts, but it’ll also be hard to just return to the field. In a field which not only was made more popular with his father and his love for the sport and son.

So without a doubt, I and everyone here at Hachland are hopes and prayers go with the Farve family.

Yet, the question isn’t will he play tomorrow. It is will he play again after this? And my thought is obviously — yeah, why not?

With Farve’s sure love for the game, he will probably come back. With his true love to his father, Farve sadly, isn’t the first professional sports hero to lose a father. Michael Jordan lost his father as well as Baseball’s Iron Man, Cal Ripkin Jr. and numerous other superstars have lost their fathers and kept going strong.

Jordan and his father we’re extremely close. In 1991, he openly cried while cradling the Larry O’Brien Trophy after the Bulls won their first championship. Yet unregrettably, five years later, after beating the Sonics on Father’s Day for the title, he again sobbed openly while laying face down on the locker room carpet. The previous time the Bulls had a won a title, in 1993, it also was on Father’s Day, which was the last for James Jordan. The son had shown the country his pain when his father was murdered that summer.

As for Ripken, he lost his father nearing the end of career as we all Ripken is Baseball Iron Man with 2,632 consecutive games played. Ripken who’s father coached him for most of his carrer lost his father, yet with his father’s name started up with Cal Ripken Sr. Charitiy to help youngster’s grow with the love of baseball. Just like Cal was taught.

Other Baseball stars such as Barry Bonds and Paul O’Neal both lost their fathers as well. Bonds who now has just recently been named to the sixth time as Major Leauge Baseball’s Most Valuable Player. And has caught up with his Uncle Willie Mays homerun carrer record. Bonds who was significantly close with his father, as the two have become to known as the greatest father – son duo in baseball history.

As for Paul O’Neil, the former New York Yankee Outfielder, a year after losing his father he helped lead the Yankees to a World Championship. Upon winning the Championship, O’Neil had a emotional breakdown in the outfield falling to one knee and thanking his father.

Numerous Sports Superstars thrived in the mourning of their father or mothers passing. Yet, with the question we ask today here with this column is — Can NFL’s Iron Man Brett Favre Thrive In Honor Of His Father?

This is just one fan’s thought, but yes. And the Green Bay Packers will have a huge impact on the NFC Playoffs.

But this may lead to Favre’s NFL days to be numbered and that question of retirement come closer and closer. Now with his father’s passing, his kids are beginning to grow up and his body becoming more damaged, we could see Favre becoming a man closer to the Hall Of Fame.

But with what Favre’s been saying recently, it’s not likely, but not even death is likely.

So Favre, as a fan, I’d love to see five more years. But as a son, I’d love to see one last run in honor of your father. He loved when you won the Super Bowl, now give him one more show.

Not to downsize any of this, but I was joking on Saturday about Favre’s strength as a man and his toughness. I told my father that Favre had injured his leg badly and would still play. So hopefully his heart can take a little and give a little.

Now that’s just one man’s opinion. And I just keep it plain and simple.