Trying to find an equal medium between something and nothing is quite complicated, especially when all you know and love is well, nothing. It’s quite a rewarding feature, especially for me. I don’t have much to gain, and nothing to lose.

But sometimes I screw up. Sometimes I gain a little something here and a little something there. And then all of a sudden, I’m stuck.

Stuck like Winnie The Pooh.

But it’s all good any way you look at it. Especially the way I look at it. No one expected much from me. No one will expect much more. Give them less, they’ll understand. Give them more, they’ll want more.

It’s like…

It’s like a bad disease.

Sadly, it all comes forward into the depths of reality. The reality of which is I try and sometimes succesfully run a website.

Yet, I really don’t know, I’ve been browsing my statcounter more than actually sitting down in front of the computer and writing interesting stories. I guess it’s all realitve.

I made a big comeback with this little blogger enhanced version of Hachland, but who cares. The people who visit my site? Maybe. Maybe they want more. Maybe they want to know why it’s been around for seven years.


Maybe that’s what I’ll give them. Maybe that’s what I’ll give you?

But then again, everyone is so polite indeed. They don’t bug me, I don’t bug them. I got the fans, I got the writers, I got the people who seemingly give a shit. But do they? What if I said right now I’m closing the doors to the kingdom of Hachland right now?

Would it be fair?

Would it lead to some bad times?

Would I just end up somewhere in Mexico?

Or should I stop my bitching and get the shit together and give you, as in the fans, the people who waste their times actually checking out my website something to actually view?



You just don’t get it.

You learn to except it.

But you know, you are so pathetic.

So thank you. Thank you for being as sad and deprived as me. Thank you so much.

But the time is over… It’s time for a revolution. That’s what they said right?

So stop your bitching, stop it for once in your life and stop it.

Because I haven’t heard your cries, I haven’t seen your tears, I haven’t tasted them. I don’t even know if you really care. So why should I?


So simple so painfully obvious that I’m declaring it on. Yes, I am.

I’m declaring war on you. You the Hachland fans.

The fans of porn, sports, and whatever else your little head enjoys. I want you to know I hate you most of all.

And from the features I’ve presented at Hachland from Analyze Porn 101 to Government Warning to everything in between and then some. I want you to know, you guys don’t deserve it.

Never have. Never will.

But all and all, this may just be some sad and desperate attempt from a man in my form to try my damndest to get you guys to actually do something, to visit Hachland, to comment to Hachland, to visit the forum. To push me to push you.

But then again, hasn’t this been done before? Hasn’t this been Clemmed up before? Hasn’t this been Stern’d about? Hasn’t failing talk show host gone above and beyond it all and tried so hard to gather fans and gather any attention either it be bad or good? Hasn’t someone attempted this before?

I have.

You have.

But no matter what your feelings are, no matter my own, no matter what. We all know this is funny. It’s the most hysticrical thing since slice bread was introduced to the masses in China.

Because it’s simple. It’s suicide.

Suicide in it’s greatest form.

A cry for help.

A whimper in the dark.

A Hachland.

A Hachland?

Wait a minute, I think I just finally did it…