Some people have all the luck, while others are just so incredibly famous that even on the day that should be near worse for them, they still bounce back and succeed. And this is what has happened to one Carlos…. We all mean Charlie Sheen.

On the night where his job begins again with a new replacement, Charlie or as he was known at his former job — Charlie. He arose from the ashes of his destructive behavior and maybe a cigar or two. He was “roasted” on a Comedy Central show aptly called “The Roast of Charlie Sheen”

As we sat and enjoyed the production of both, while randomly flipping back and forth to the NFL Football game on ESPN. Where the Giants battled the Rams aka the guys brother versus that team that was once good. But regardless of that, Charlie Sheen sat back and enjoyed the riddles, the jokes and the insults thrown to him by… wait, who, are you serious? Mike Tyson? William Shatner?

Well, maybe, they didn’t have the epic comedians like that fish from Spongebob Squarepants. But comedy was enjoyed by all or atleast some, many jokes were actually thrown correctly and had quite a laugh or two. And with the odd selection of roasters chosen, it actually came out quite well, or atleast I thought it was.

The only real question that spins out of the enitre roast… is.. oh, well, now I have to come up with something liable or well, anything at all. But maybe the real question is – Seth MacFarlane and Charlie Sheen!? Does FOX have any more room on their Sunday night schedule for another MacFarlane project? I don’t see why not, just cancel football.

So with the last project we have scheduled for Charlie Sheen and well, most of the roasters that showed up. Like will we ever see Jon Lovitz again?