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Life is filled with some simple facts. If this happens then this will happen.

Yet, we are falling away from this concept.

Just like one of the world’s most favorite childhood books and well, mine too. If you give a mouse a cookie…..

Yes, that book. And yeah, there is more from that serious of books is well, there are a lot of them.

But anyhow….

IF this happens THEN this will happen.

It’s a simple theory, yet, there’s a huge problem growing in this modern world with this concept. The most basic of concepts in the entire world, One that even my parents taught me.

IF you do bad THEN you get punished.

This theory has worked for centuries and beyond that and it should still be working today. Hell, my Dad enjoyed it when that THEN part came into play. Because well… Because he got time to play with his toys and do the fun “Dad activities” such as…