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For a long while now I’ve been hearing this phrase — “It Is What It Is”

And well, I HATE IT!!

There is no reason for this quote, this phrase should go out and die! I wish this phrase all the harm in the entire world. I wish I had a rusty spoon and could just stab it to death with the damn thing. I hate this quote.

I recently saw a stand up comic perform a small routine using this quote. He spoke about simple facts like how if you ever hear this quote you know nothing never good comes from it. That basically if you hear it come out someone’s mouth that they are about to well, to put it in the same terminology that Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory does that someone’s going to perform coitus on you. And well, not in the good way kind.

I don’t like this quote and it seems like it’s coming off the lips of well everyone.

I went to a store the other day, I forgot the joke I made with the casher something about something and it had something to do with something. This person went on to laugh and then spit out this verbal assault on my ears. I damn near smacked the little sixteen year old kid. But then again I would have been hauled off to jail. Because….


This phrase is used by everyone. I swear. I talked to a police officer a few months back. And he spit it out.

I was sitting down and enjoying a nice Thursday night off. I was flipping around on the old remote control came to Spike TV… Impact Wrestling was on. Sting, this superstar wrestler was on the microphone and then… he dropped his bottom jaw and raped me with this damn quote.

Now, if it really is a true quote then one of two things would occur. And the second one would well, actually never exist because this stupid saying at its simplest form means one thing. And well, one thing only. Things suck and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Maybe it doesn’t. Then prove it to me!

Because it really isn’t what it is. Yes an orange is an orange. A tree is a tree. It is what it is.

But people saying this, they don’t mean it in that sense. It is what it is.

If it really was what it is then things wouldn’t change. Things would be set in stone and that’s how it will always be.

Why don’t these people use that as a follow up sentence?

It is what it is and that’s how it was always be.

So if that was really the case it’d be like this —- an orange is an orange and you just can’t change that.

But we did!

If I truly believed this quote like everyone in the world wants me to believe it… then why would I do anything?

I mean certainly I could get along with everyone if I used this saying to its fullest potent ional.

I’d start off my not using toilet paper. I’d simply use my hands. How about for the fun of it all how about if I stopped showering? And when people mentioned to me that I stink. I can just simply turn towards them and kindly say — IT IS WHAT IT IS.

If things were that way and couldn’t change then well…. I mean seriously, look at this life we’re currently living. If things were the way they are and were never to change then why do we call ourselves the United States of America? Why is there a huge overloading amount of different religion churches?

I simply just don’t understand how someone can sell out to this quote.

Then again… they don’t sell out to this quote. The people using this quote are only buying into one thing. And that’s not selling out!

These are the kind of people who go with the flow are well, happy where they are. They don’t want to change things. They want things the way they are. Not the way they could be by just thinking.

By stopping for a second and thinking.

I would love to meet Benjamin Franklin and tell him — IT IS WHAT IT IS.

We would get into this entire 200 year war over words and semantics about what it is and what is. And all this other mumbo-jumbo that my head would explode and we wouldn’t need a key to explain where or what lightning comes from.

Well… I lost the usage of my legs in a car accident.

Will I try to overcome this obstacle and try and walk again?


Why not?

It is what it is!