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Earlier this morning, while laying in bed, I hit the “On Demand” button on my remote control.

I searched the free section, of course I have Verizon Fios, it’s awesome, get it!

So while I’m searching I remembered I hadn’t watched all of the great sitcoms on NBC. The ones that happen to be airing on Thursday!

So I clicked on Parks and Recreation… and while it started airing, and well, aka playing… I noticed some funny names. Or atleast I thought they were funny names….

As like most people, we don’t recognize words on the television screen. That’s why ESPN, FOXNEWS and even CNN as well as other news and well, every television show basically since the dawn of the 1960s must explain the words they’re showing the screen.

Because we as a human culture are retarded!

Any whos… I’ve noticed this in the past and well, I noticed this again, I’m not sure if it’s a purposful thing or just random. But some of the names of actors, writers or even producers of some of our favorite shows have some funny names.

For instance in Parks and Recreation did you know that one of the producers names is Norm Hiscock? Or what about the Davids? David Miner and David Hyman.

How about Katie Dippold? Daniel J. Goor? Or even Nowell Grossman?

These to me are quite funny. Or just sad. How bad would it be to go through school, and have people making fun of your name with names like that.

Maybe that’s why they became funny writers.

Well, it’s all a matter of Harris Wittles.

But other shows have funny names as well.

Take everyones favorite adult cartoon not named The Simpsons.

How about trying these names on for size… Dan Povenmire, Greg Colton, John Holmquist, Cyndi Tang-Loveland, Julius Wu or Brian Iles.

I once attended the Tang-Loveland wedding. I didn’t know which side of the isle to sit on.

And Bert Ring?

Hey, baby, wanna try that new toy? The Bert Ring.

Or even Kurt Dumas?

Gotta love a name like that. What’s his middle name… You?

What about a great long fun, I don’t know if it’s a name, a type of a ice cream or even a sexual move? Cherry Chevapravatdumrong.

Or have you even seen the name a.bo on Family Guy? Yeah, well, that stands for Alex Borstein. She’s the voice of Lois.

But she’s married to a man named Jackson Douglas. And they have a kid named Barnaby.

A new show on CBS, called A Gifted Man, has a music director with a name of W.G. Snuffy Walden.

It’s like wait, did your parents name you that? Or did you come up with the whole Snuffy part?

Funny names. High school pranks? Or just ways to get my name in the door. Heck, if my name was Mike Hunt would I be able to get a job over well, say my real name?