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The CBS Television company or betterly known as that TV Channel with the eye for a logo, has a new tv show. It’s called A Gifted Man. It stars Patrick Wilson, who’s better known as not being Mr. Wilson’s son.

He’s been in various movies such as the remake of The Alamo, and the turned to movie newer blah version of The A-Team. Which means he is A Gifted Man. Or well, maybe this role is perfect for him.

A Gifted Man is about a doctor guy called Michael Holt, there’s a doctor in front of his name, and he runs Holt Neuro which basically is this pimp version of a hospital.

His life is awesome, he gets whatever he wants with all the money he makes, his sweet ride and everything else he gets. Yet he may be a little distant to his patients and his lifestyle may be a little crazy, it doesn’t get any crazier then the one night his ex-wife visits him. Unless you think that his ex-wife is well, she’s dead, let’s skip right to that part.

His dead ex-wife visits him and meets him and tells him he will be visited by…. err.. no, no, no…

Any ways, this high-class doctor, this ghost. It’s basically like Ghost Hunters meets House. But without all the funny laughs.

In order for you to better understand what I’m talking about let me recreate an episode for you…

Tonight on a very special episode….

Doctor Michael Holt lies to everybody and tells them he doesn’t see ghosts.

“I’m a doctor, doctors don’t see ghosts!”

“Even friendly ghosts?”

“Umm…. no. Even though you are kind of cute”

“What about his brothers?”



“NOOO!!! I don’t see ghosts!”

“But I’m a ghost…”

“No, you are my dumb ex wife. Who’s just trying to get back into my life”

“No, I’m a ghost. Hey, do you see that?”

“I don’t see ghosts… so NO!”

“That black guy is trying to pick up that kid…”

“No! It’s a ghost!”


“Hello, Michael how are we today?”

“I am fine. I am perfectly fine. I’ve done nothing but saved lives. Haven’t seen ghosts.”

“What do you mean you haven’t seen ghosts?”

“Listen lady! I don’t see ghosts!!”

“Hey, you brought it up.”


“I am here to examine you. I’m a very good doctor who doesn’t see ghosts.”

“What does that mean?”

“What does what mean?”

“You see ghosts?”

“No, I don’t see ghosts. I’m a ghosted man.”

“A what!?”


“Hey Idiot! You see me!”

“No! No! NO!!!!”

“Get over yourself… this show is terriable! Accept the fact you see ghosts already!”

“No! No! NO!!!! I DON’T SEE GHOSTS!!!”

“I’m going to make you see nothing you pansy!”


“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well you are the cause of all this…”

“Well, you didn’t see those guy?”

“What guys?”

“There was four of them.. they were all wearing different colors…”

“No, I didn’t and I watched the whole thing…”

“There was four of them!!!!”

“Maybe you saw ghosts…”

Of course he saw ghosts….. NOM NOM NOM