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Recently the world or well, the place where you and most of us call our world has come under attack, well, America, United States, you know my home country.

It has come under attack, you see, there has been a game changer, a difference of opinions. Not like that’s anything new, but in this instance its the most fragile of subjects. Life or death. To kill or to let live.

In more lame-ens terms it’s Roe V. Wade. But now we have changed the terminology, after all it is 2012, can’t be talking about a court case that happened years and years ago.

Well, now it’s been changed and twisted and well, instead of calling it Roe V. Wade or to call it life v. death, we call it the contraception battle.

Now, it may or may not be a battle per say, not like two warriors fighting off against it, but it is a verbal battle that recently saw one word warrior spit a little too much of a word.

Rush Limbaugh you see went a little too far, in this day in age and called a girl, a lady, a female from the Georgetown University, a miss Sandra Fluke…. well, he called her a slut.

I don’t want to jump in the argument over whether or not she is or isn’t a slut. I’m not one to travel all the way to Georgetown and find out. After all, I feel, as being a person born in Syracuse, New York, that all people from Georgetown are well, sluts!

And yes, I emphasized it.

The only exception being well… NONE!

Not even this chick-a-Dee.

So where do I go from here? I can go ahead and start making fun of the fact her name is funny. Come on, who names their kids Sandra anymore? This isn’t the 1950s!!

And Fluke? What is this just a complete and utter Fluke that she has become the center of this conversation?

Blah blah blah…

It’s probably already done somewhere, like maybe, elsewhere.

Well, I’m going to go ahead and mention other things that are either a “SLUT” or a “prostitute” and even a “round-heeled”

Whoa, whats wrong with being a round heeled?

I have two of them…..


Well, skip, skip, refocus…

Top Ten things to call a slut!

Number 10: Milk

Yes, every day usual Milk. It’s a slut, because well, why not, it’s consumed by millions and millions of people. And even in some countries it’s banned because of it’s just so wrong!

Number 9: Coffee

Oh coffee… you don’t believe me? When is the last time you saw a prostitute working the corner? NEVER!!! Because it’s either a Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts! SLUT COFFEE!

Number 8: Computer

The Computer, while it may not be a big as slut as it used to be. Per the future of cell phones, I-Pads, and whatever else you may have. It’s still pushed, poked, watched, and whatever else you wanna call it.

Number 7: Cars

They give people “free” rides all around the world! They have seats that can lean back…. They strap you in!

Number 6: Refrigerators

Everyone has one…. They open, they close. They store things in it. If this isn’t a slut, I don’t know what is!

Number 5: Windows

Duh! A window, yes…

Number 4: Red Lights

I hate red lights. I hated the game red light green light. And I personally despise yellow lights, what’s the use? I mean seriously, and why are some five seconds long and then half a … crap!

Number 3: CLOWNS!

Come on. Just look at the figure.

Number 2: Radios

Okay, maybe the radio ranked higher due to this story being about a person on the radio. But a radio just loves it when you play with it’s knobs.

Number 1: Rihanna

See rebirth of her relationship with Chris Brown.