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In pure boredom, I went on Google. And searched the term “HachDawg”

It’s my alter ego, or it’s my ego. I don’t know either way, here is some stuff I learned about myself.

They asked me if I actually meant “Hachi dog”

In which I didn’t.

They said 3,020 results were found and it took them a whopping point 36 seconds.

I have various profiles.

I have a twitter account.

I have a profile at SongMeanings.net

It says I haven’t longed in since December 31st, 1969.

Thus making me believe I have created the internet.

You can find out who I am. That’s if you have some money and click on the link about PeekYou.com

On the Raven Fan Site, it says I’m a computer teacher.

Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn’t. What do you believe?

There is various searches related to me.

Yet, none of which are actually me nor related to me.

On the second page it turns into some person named Hachdog.

Which is obviously not what I searched.

On the third page it continues with this Hachdog character.

I’m not him. I don’t want to know about him.

Although I find it interesting he’s Asian. Or at least looking at Asian videos.

We find a link to “76networks.com” the first version of Hachland. It’s a broken website. Meaning the images don’t work, and neither do the links.

A website called DandyId.com

It tells me I have various other profiles around the world.

I don’t remember creating this. Maybe I did.

Nothing about me until Page 6.

Then it’s a link to a poll for Hachland.

Or at least I thought it was.

It’s a link to my MySpace page.

I would like to find the one person still using MySpace.

Then there’s some other thing about my name.

I’m not sure what it is.

If someone knows let me know.

On Page 7, another PeekYou.

The next page, a link to my Uncle’s blog.


Another link to that Hachland Poll.

Oh, it was a poll asking if people use MySpace.


Next page… more broken Hachland links.

A couple of them actually.

There’s a website I made…. a few years ago… More broken links and images.

What’s hi5?

I know what a high five is…

We find a few more of my web creations Ala Hachland incarnations through out the search.

And in all other searches there is nothing… nothing in images of me. Just Richard Gere saying he’s in love with some dog, named Hachi.

I think he’s trying to say it’s me.. but oh well…

And what have you searched for?