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Not too long ago this picture came out about with this celebrity. Now it’s not a tabloid type photo for sure, it’s a calculated move by a celebrity. It’s something she and her publicist team wanted. Why? I don’t know. But maybe there is some reasoning and well, let’s try to find it out.

I mean for what reason would anyone want this photo to be seen by millions of people standing in line a grocery stores, convenient stores and anywhere else magazines are sold. Well, other than the millions of people seeing it.

I mean, yes, it’s cute. A picture of your half naked body. Anyone can enjoy that. Not just well… I guess not just porn addicts like Matt, a kid that sometimes writes for Hachland.

But to show your naked pregnant body on the front of a magazine article only begs two things. Well, I guess it begs a lot. But it also begs numerous other questions but then again I guess “Why” is still the best one too.

Why would you show your body like this? Who are you trying to impress? Is there anyone your trying to get sympothy from? Is there a huge… errr.. is that a bad word to use? I mean, any ways, back… Is there anyone you are trying to gain sympathy from?

Like maybe all the mothers of the world will side with you and stop calling you just another dumb blonde from the country? I mean, come on, you’ve already lost all the men when you dated Tony “Everyone Calls You Homo” Romo. And well this isn’t helping one bit.

Seriously, who is this impressing? Not me. Anyone can get knocked up. Hell, there’s tons of movies about it. TV shows on MTV about teenagers getting knocked up. There’s even a listing of what I must pay every week for other people getting knocked up.

I guess me paying for birth control would limit all this crap… But then again that and this, are slightly different topics, slightly in the sense as in one case I’m a drunk and in the other case I’m a drunk who just got arrested.

Now I’m not saying people who have children are drunks. But then again, I’m also not saying they’re not drunks. I mean, just look at the world, see my case is proven correctly once again.

But back to this Jessica Simpson idiot. Now, yes, you want the world to know that:

A) I’m Pregnant
B) I’m okay with my body looking like this
C) My life is okay that I look like this
D) I’m proud to be pregnant
E) I’m bringing a new life form into this world and I’m so entirely happy about it I must let everyone know
F) I’m too stupid to know the difference

So let me understand this.. Cause I really don’t know why anyone would do that. I mean, if I ever found a picture of my mother looking like that. I would be completely and utterly disgusted. I mean, who in their right mind thinks this is a healthy thing for their child to see.

Yes, we know what happens. You get fat because you are carrying a baby inside of you. No reason to go ahead and ruin your child’s life over that fact he was created.

Next thing you know the sex tape will be released. Imagine you finding these things out about your family. I mean, yes, we know it happens, but we don’t want to KNOW it happens.

It’s like yes, I know what happens to make certain foods, I know hamburger comes from a cow but I don’t want to watch the cow eat and then well, poop too. I just don’t think this is healthy to anyone.

Would you like to watch a sex tape of your family? What would be your reaction if you saw a picture of your mother all fat and naked carrying your little baby body? I know what my reaction would be.


Yes, I would get that pissed off. That I would not only lose my entire mind and start flipping the middle finger to everyone. But I would also just turn stupid and become a Boston Red Sox fan. HAHAHAHA!! JAB!

Seriously though, look at the facts, my mother is giving birth to me, I don’t care what her body looks like. I hope her body looks like a motherly body aka not seen naked! I would hate for that. I would hate for my own child to have to see me or it’s mother naked.

And by child I do mean it’s. And by mine I do mean the unimaginable type. Although I’m imagining it now.. Hmmm…

I’m not under scrutiny here. Jessica Simpson’s half naked body is.

And speaking of which… Why is this perfectly fine to show to people yet let’s say a Jessica Simpson let’s say not knocked up isn’t? Why the difference? Is it because people find that Jessica Simpson attractive and this one not?

So pregnancy isn’t beautiful as you are trying to make me feel like it is? Is it really sick and disgusting like everyone in the world knows it is?

Am I not looking at Jessica Simpson here? Am I really looking at let’s say Abdullah The Butcher’s body instead?

Yes, I’m dead serious! This is how I see this picture. I see no difference in the shapes of their bodies or the picture they’re trying to portray. I’m scared! I’m not going to mess with this guy and no, I’m not going to mess with her either.

Hell, I’m kind of scared of most women right now. I’m going to hide myself away from them. Until maybe.. ehh.. no that’s scary!

And no don’t think for one second I’m attacking women’s rights with all of this. Let them be. I don’t care more power to you. Just don’t shove this crap down my throat and I won’t shove other things down your throat…………..


I think I crossed a line there. Not sure where or how, but just feel like I might have. So please don’t get mad at me or anything. I mean, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings…..

But this whole thing…

I mean the picture of a naked pregnant lady is well making me sick, confused and well, worried.

And I don’t know which person I feel like I am right now, because either way I am really, really, and let me say, really scared and scared and all that other junk.

So please just don’t do this or you’ll feel the same way again….

Ugh.. just please stop too..