Recently I just picked up the new album by the band Blue October… And well, I’m plesently unsurprised. As for the fact it’s a decent collection of music, yet, I’m very well, actually I am surprised and slightly surprised. So I suppose I’ve got no backing of anything to what I just said……

Hmm.. Anyhow.. Blue October, this band based in a town, I don’t know really if bands are based in towns, I mean… I know they come from certain towns, places or what have you. But can you tell me where AC/DC came from? Are they like sports teams? Like the Chicago AC/DC’s?

That just ain’t right.

So this band from some town, maybe a town in Texas. They released this compact disc and I just got it.

Well, it was released back in August and I finally taped together some dimes and went out and purchased it. As I was also a person who went out and purchased their other album called Foiled.

Now, this one… entitled Any Man In America… Is well, let me tell you about it…

This little silver disc in which I shoved into my cars disc changer device is pretty well. It’s decent. Although with every new “stuff” that comes from a band that you’ve become familiar with, it takes a while to actually get used to it and start to enjoy it.

And enjoy it? I am!

They have a few decent tracks ranging from different numbers listed on my cars radio dashboard thingy. I have stuck on track number 8. It’s decent and well, overall has a good beat and it’s perfectly written.

While the lyrics I can’t jump into because well, this system hasn’t gotten me down like it has the writer aka the lead singer of the band, Justin, Justin Furstenfeld.

I have seemingly understood the message of the title track pretty well. Yet, for me to illustrate my point, I think I’m going to have to learn how to actually draw, which may take a while, so let’s sick back and instead I’ll just copy the lyrics and let you “feel” or rather see what I mean.

Listen… I only know spending time away
I only know the truth is spoken
Best when brutally, so honestly

I can hear you… I don’t see you… That’s good you know the truth…. I like brutal things too… Like brutally the best and craziest!!!

I let you know you set the standards
Lyrically for me
One single middle finger saying
Raise it up.
My speech will always be free
Like Martin Luther King, you had meaning to me
Single handedly, saving music starving industry
A hip hop legend with skin like invisible ink
Like even though he was whiter than me
He was the first to be colorless
Speaking for all of us

Hmmm… Why thank you for letting me know I set the standards… I know I’m fairly high classed and people like to follow me and follow my example.. Like when I went back into time and taught Ric Flair how to style and profile!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!

Oh… wait, I thought you meant my classy style… not my lyrical style, but yes, I too have to admit I do have some great lyrics and stuff like that after all I am the man behind smh….

One single middle finger saying? Saying what? And why I don’t have one single middle finger… I have two of them… I have two middle fingers buddy and I’ve been trying to listen to them for days and well, they haven’t said a word… wait.. yeah, no speaking middle fingers….

Raise it up? Raise what up…. oh, wait the middle finger… hmm.. maybe he’s not speaking about me, I thought he was, so didn’t you right? I asked RIGHT!?

I hope my speech will always be free it would be wrong of me not to keep it free. Unless I was being paid to talk.. now that would be nice… and wait, isn’t that always the case? People who complain they don’t have free speech are always the ones who force us to pay for their speech? Did you hear that Howard Stern!?

Wait, who is he talking about? Who is he comparing to Martin Luther King… I mean honestly, who could you compare to the great Dr. King? I don’t know if anyone fits the billing. The guy had balls. I mean there was a bunch of other guys who were doing somewhat the same thing and there was even some lady on a bus. Yet, this guy is incomparable. It’s like saying Kobe Bryant is the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James is the next Jordan. It’s just wrong and well, wrong… I’m sticking with wrong..

Now does this guy have a single hand or one finger? I’m so confused. But at least this guy saved a music industry… Who is he talking about? Steve Jobs? Because with one hand I can see people downloading music. But then again, I can see someone doing that with porn. And in the same sense I don’t want to see that….. Yuck.. talk about sticky situations…

Invisible skin or ink? I’m so confused… Is that like those old pens we used to use? And by use I mean we go ahead and used them once and then they either didn’t work again or they well, I guess they didn’t work again. I think a can of soda lasted longer than these stupid pens….

Whiter than me? What was he bleach? Or was he a toothpaste? How about white out!?

Colorless? OH, oh, he’s gotta be a laundry detergent? Is he Tide?

Wait a minute! Does Tide talk to me? Or for me rather? I don’t know, I guess if you don’t use some sort of laundry detergent than it’s obviously speaking for you. “Hey, stinky, go take a shower!”

And you let us into your family
Mother, father, brother, sister, wife, daughter
Damn, right in front of me.
Just when I miss my daughter desperately,
Your mockingbird put dents in me
While touring press, and reliving my song “Hate Me” I was losing custody

Continuing on….

Into your family? Hmm… That seems like an odd statement.. I mean, I can understand you let us into your family life, but to let us join your family…. What am I the new Brady kid? HACHEY! HACHEY! HACHEY!!

Yeah, that’s usually how a family is… those people.. sometimes it’s added with aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, cousin, first cousin, second cousin, third cousin… although I don’t know why we’re ranking them….

Yuck! That’s disgusting!! Who would do that? I think that’s damn near disgusting!! Right in front of the man..

Umm.. I’m sorry to hear that.. maybe writing her a letter or picking up the phone would help… or maybe walking to her room that would help… I don’t know just suggestions..

A mockingbird puts dents in someone? Wait… is that like sticks and stone will hurt me, but words never will.. wouldn’t a mockingbird be more of the words part of that? I don’t know just saying….

Hmm… that seems a little ironic… or well, maybe they were actually following what you told them to do… Come on baby, hate me!! Wait, why are you hating me? Ugh.. so mean..

I never even saw that shit
How she played me, and planned and saw it fit
To turn the trick that financially she would benefit
My first and probably only
Billboard hit Was going to pay for my two-year-old’s college
I should have hid that shit
So she couldn’t spend that shit
It took twenty years of working just to earn that shit
Now word for word I’ve listened, heard, and I’m done. Done.

Never saw what? You said it was done right in front of you? Now you’re telling it wasn’t? Come on buddy, what are we talking about…

She planned it? Well, that’s how women are. They’re always planning things and then they play you. They’re evil like that. It’s like what Ozzy said a long time… Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me..

Yeah, thats how people are. They turn tricks daily even minutely…….. if that was a word, but seriously would you turn a trick to not benefit?

First and only? Only what? Time to get played? Time to give it all away? Most people don’t get a second chance at it buddy!

It was? Why doesn’t it now? Did you go and spend all that shit? Come on tell me you didn’t keep driving thru the McDonald’s drive thru and kept buying Happy Meals hoping to get a different toy? ‘Cause I know of a guy who went and did that..

Yep, you should have gone and hid that shit.. Now you don’t have all those cheap McDonald’s toys. They do earn money, I mean I once saw on Storage Wars that some guy opened a storage unit and said he could easily double his money….

Well, tell me that’s not a true quote.. Women just love spending all the money, they’re manipulative like that.

Come on dude, it could take 500 years to earn all the money in all the world.. and what does women want to do? Spend it all!! Come on seriously are you that dumb buddy? Have you never heard the story of Adam & Eve? Eve took all of Adam’s money and now Adam lives under a bridge. You see he turned into a troll? Not one of those nice one’s with the stomach and the colorful hair, but one that stinks and you try to ignore!

Alright good. You are done.. I’m done too. That’s it let’s just be done with it all. Lalalala.. Now that we’re done… what do we do now?

Oh, crap, you’re not done there’s a chorus too.. ugh…

No,you don’t know.
You act like you believe it
That you’re in control
It’s just your legal system though
Ya, they don’t think about it
No, they don’t care about it
Now every man in America take back your control

Hey! I told you I know! I even told you what Ozzy said. Come on buddy, listen and stop getting played already!

I do believe what I say. Who wouldn’t!? Even the biggest liars in the world believe what they say. It helps the lie I’m told.

I am in control…. I think… Wait a minute, stop making me question things.. WAH!!

My legal system? If it was my legal system I would be rich bitch!

I know they don’t think about it. They should think about making me rich. It would definitely make me so happy.

Wait, yes or no? Ya or No? I’m getting more confused as we go on here. Do they care about me or don’t they? I think they don’t care about me. Because like I said I would be rich if they did.
Yes! Powerful. I will take back my control! What is my control though? Hmm.. I want it all!!

I’m going to get it all!!