Sean Payton, Gregg Williams, Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt were all recently suspended by the National Football League for paying players to do their job.

These guys are or at one time coached and well, the other general managerized for the New Orleans Saints and well, they were all involved what is now known as Bountygate. No, no, it’s not the over usage of Bounty towels, which one news outlet did report. It’s the paying of players to perform their job to an exceed level then they already were.

Such as if you hit a certain player harder you will get a cash prize ala a bounty. So basically it’s a incentive for doing your job at an above and beyond standard.

Which is good right? I receive gifts if I do my job at an above and beyond standard. I know people receive bonuses at times.

When you were good in school your parents may have treated you to a surprise or some sort of gift for say… getting a perfect grade on a test. Or getting better grades or what have you.

CapitalOne that credit card company has these commercials on all the time… and I mean ALL THE TIME! Just go ahead and turn your television on and you’ll see one on right now. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try.

Okay, see, I was right.

Any how, back to my point on the CapitalOne situation, no, no, it’s not gone and jumped into rehab. It’s a serious topic here, they give you a bonus for doing something you usually would. Like you spend money on this credit card and then we will give you something special.

It’s like at your job and you filled out all of your T.P.S. Reports and in honor of you doing this your boss gave you a extra day off. Or bought you a coffee.

See, I don’t understand the part of this that’s wrong.

Well, maybe the fact that everyone said “NO” as in “No, this isn’t happening” and then in turn it actually did happen.

Maybe that’s the problem. Oh, well, no biggy right?


These guys got suspended big time. BIG TIME!

We don’t even need Peter Gabriel to come out here and sing his song aptly titled “Big Time” to let us know about how big these suspensions were.

Gregg Williams, the then defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints is suspended indefinitely and won’t be able to reinstate till the end of the 2012 season. Does that mean before the playoffs are over or before they start?

Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints he gets a year. The guy who could be his would be replacement Joe Vitt he gets six games.

And as for Mickey Loomis, who is the teams general manager, the main guy who hired all these guys, he gets 8 games.

So maybe it was for the lying that they get the punishment. Which is good, lying is bad. But if it’s just for paying people a bonus for doing a good job. Then I don’t know about this.

Maybe there is a line I’m missing. Maybe it’s because it was the defensive players and they were getting bonuses for hitting guys harder and instead of getting bonuses for stopping the other team from converting a first down. Or even interceptions or touchdowns. Or so on and so on.

So hopefully it’s lying that’s bad. And not the incentives part, because the global economy could be ruined because of this one event…