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[Camera opens to a man sitting behind a desk. The desk is cluttered with a stack of papers, a few are sorted neatly rather most of them are forming quite a mess. There are a few random things also upon the desk, a gray coffee cup with a few letters in blue, although you can not see all the letters one letter you can definitely read is a big “W”. Also on this desk is a huge Rowdy Roddy Piper doll standing tall in about twelve inches tall, it’s one with Piper wearing a kilt, of course. Other things are cluttered atop the desk, a laptop and a business phone, as in one of those fancy high tech ones, as well as a cellphone. But the camera has us focused on the man behind the desk. He’s wearing a buttoned down blue shirt with a black tie, the shirt is unbuttoned and the tie is askew and slightly untied. The man’s face looks worn, a man of around mid-40s with glasses. He has recently gone a few days without shaving, as his facial hair has begun to grow. His hairline is slightly receding, not like balding, yet defined. His hair is unkempt, not purposely, rather worn and not showered for a few days. He moves his left hand over his mouth, rubbing it up and down as almost helping him to think. Like his fingers scratching his jaw makes everything become clear. He gently moves closer to the desk, he puts his forearms unto the desk and looks straight into the camera.]

“The wold has a saying. There are many of them. Some do apply in what I’m about to speak of. Most of them rather, they do not apply. I don’t know how or why but what I have to tell you will both be great and terrible.”

[He leans back in his chair. Behind him reveals a poster or what seems to be a poster, the way the camera and the man are positioned we can not tell what’s behind him fully. Yet, from what we can see is a picture of a mans face, we only see half of it, it reveals a man with long hair, and a slight amount of what may be face paint over his left eye, the only eye we can see. There is a few words on this poster, but we can not make out it, we can only see “can” all in lower case and then “Stan” with the letter “S” being capitalized. We can’t see anymore of the poster, while the background is black, the letters are in blue, white and red, with white being the center of the words and the red and blue surrounding, each outlining the next. As the man leans back he looks off camera and then back at the camera as his neck rolls almost like a “walker” from the show the Walking Dead.]

“Seventeen years ago, the world for me changed. Seventeen years ago I was twenty-six year old man. Seventeen years ago, I was a professional wrestler. I was the next big thing, I was a up and coming superstar with talent and microphone skills to back it all up. My rise was growing day by day, month by month and by the next year I would have been one of the top performers.”

[He pauses. Takes a deep breath and then leans closer towards the desk. This time placing one of his elbows onto the top of the desk and placing the side of his head atop his right hand.]

“I was going to become a legend. I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. I thought of doing something that only few in my business even think of. I was thinking of my future and what happened is I lost my run. I lost my spot. My spot to becoming the superstar I deserved to be. But why? Why did I do this? I thought of my future and while this lead to hindering my future. Here I am. Seventeen years later, in this current future I created for myself.”

[He stops and this time sits a little straighter in the chair.]

“The future I created has seen its ups and downs in the past seventeen years. I was on the verge of being the greatest. Both before my crucial decision and after. It’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Now, seventeen years later, obviously a whole lot older I sit before you. Ready to speak of my future once again. You see my past and my future will collide once again.

[He pauses once more, he this time grabs his collar and unloosens his black tie a little bit more. He also unbuttons another button of his shirt. He then leans back in his chair and looks off camera to the left. And after a deep breathe he regains himself and looks straight forward to the camera.]

“Let me introduce myself to those of you who may not know me. Let me reintroduce you to those who do know me. You may know me as two separate people, two equal yet altering personalities. Seventeen years ago my name was ‘Da Man’. But after I signed my name it became Mike Live.”

[He briefly stops leaning in and grabbing the gray coffee cup on the table. He lifts it to his mouth using his right hand, we still can’t make the letters out for his hand has covered it. He sips it and then places it back onto the desk, not quitely in the same position but rather close. We still can not make out the rest of the letters though.]

“At that time I became a very rich man, yet a man of misery. My life turned greatly in every direction but one had hoped. Yes, there was great times. For a long time money was rolling in like it was being printed just for me. My name was very big. People from all types of media, entertainment, politics and every other face of the planet wanted to meet me. They wanted to see me. They wanted to work for me and begged to work with me.”

[His left arm rises up and he scratches his head.]

“You see seventeen years ago, I was asked by what at this time seemed like the acts of a desperate man. You see I was cohorted into becoming a suit, to become a business man rather than just a player. While the business grew a opportunity also arose. I ventured out on my own to capitalize on money making and money did I earn. Power I had, creation and well, unbelievable events I led. With a huge following chanting for simple letters, letters that they showcased proudly on shirts, hats and even one man had tattooed on his chest. Why him and not me? I don’t know, maybe he had more faith in my work than I actually did.”

[He stops rubs his hands together and then takes his finger tips of his right hand and scratches them into his left.]

“Now, seventeen years before I changed my life, my palms are itchy, they are hoping for the best. And so am I. You see like I said my name is Mike Live, what you may not know is that I was the C.E.O. of a huge wrestling company. We started small, we didn’t know we’d become so big. We did, we later after the ball imploded, we failed. Not for lack of talent or creativity. For reasons beyond me completely. Maybe my drive died off. Maybe I got cold feet, felt overwhelmed. I tried a few other times to make a comeback for again reasons I’m not much understanding, they failed.”

[He stops talking and takes his arms and hands of course, and raises them towards his neck tie. He pulls the neck tie down and unties it and then completely takes it off his person and throws it down nonchalantly onto the desk, near the coffee mug. He looks briefly down at it and then back at the camera.]

“Failure is never an option. It’s a failures best though. I would enjoy to succeed once again. But how would one go about this? Do I throw my hat into the fire once again? Unleash all of it and jump right past that threshold and forget everything I learned? Or should I hold off on it. Should I put it down and say it’s only a dreamers dream that will be soon forgotten as the day wears on?”

[He then again grabs for his coffee mug this time we notice another letter. This time it’s the letter “E” we notice it’s colorized in dark blue, it seems on the other side of the letter “W” with the “E” before the “W”. He puts the cup to his lips and takes a sip, he then moves the cup down and holds it close to him not yet putting it down.]

“The desire is here, the desire to lead and give to the same people who chanted and now, well, to their young children who will feel the same desire their parents had felt. A father and a son enjoying the same thing, whats greater than that? Maybe the announcement I’m about to make will help. Maybe me holding back on all of this is just me testing the waters, to see if I still actually have the desire. Or maybe… maybe it’s just my way of trying to think of the best way to announce. To announce that as you may or may not have heard before and you will hear it once more coming from my lips. Not that I’ve said this before but… I’m getting the band back together.”

[He stops places the coffee mug back atop the desk. He stands up and walks away from his desk. He disappears from the view of the camera, while the poster that was behind him on the wall is now more visible, not fully, just more. This time we can notice that the man with the green face paint, it’s like its been smeared on his face by a finger, actually there is three lines, each one looks like a drag across the face by fingers. Like the man did it to himself. His hair is black and fairly long, we think it’s black because its wet. His face is all we can see though, not upper torso, no arms, just his green painted face. The letters we saw earlier of “can Stan” have now come into slightly more focus as we can now read “erican Stand”. One must think of what that spells, maybe American Stand for instance. We also begin to notice another face. This one is also of a man, this man has no face paint though. His hair is not long either, it’s a basic crew cut, not long, not too short though. He also has no defining facial features, no facial hair, just eyebrows. Nothing that would define him in a line up like the other man. Then we see the man who was in front of the camera reappear in front of the camera. His clothing hasn’t changed, he hasn’t cleaned up his appearance one bit for it’s only been a minute at most. He looks back into the lens of the camera and continues to speak.]

“In seventeen days, the things I did seventeen years ago will once again reemerge. They will come full circle and all my hard doing will be revealed and will be showcased. You see my name is Mike Live and I am a promoter. I’m a C.E.O., I’m the President of a wrestling organization. While our name may have changed due to lawsuits and such. We still have the desire, the drive and while we maybe slightly older our talent will emerge and you shall witness greatness! You shall see it all!

[A grin appears on his face. As he is amused by his own sayings.]

“For in seventeen days, the people who I built, the people I help make superstars and make legendary will face off. Will fight for the title, to see who will wear the championship. For this my friend, the poster hanging behind my desk, this is my creation. This is the American Standard. It will be the seventeenth year. And for the ninth time in his career the man we all call Trademark will be showcased on this event. Trademark Mitch Morrison will headline this event and take on the man who is the original prankster, the original man of violence. The Performer Justin Payne. The Performer and the Trademark will battle it out. With the winner, the winner will become the Champion!”

[He stands up. Turns around and looks briefly at the poster. He then walks off camera to his left, our right. Suddenly the camera pans backwards revealing the entire poster. It reads in big bold red, white and blue lettering “American Standard 2012” and in smaller reverse coloring, with white being the most prominent it reads “Tradition Is Honored” Under that you see the pictures of the two men, and under their pictures reads “Trademark” and “The Performer” in between the two you see a big red font the letter “V” most likely signifying versus. The camera then suddenly fades to black.]