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With the new release of this movie which was formerly a book, now it’s not anymore. But now with this epic release, anywhere and everywhere you go it is being promoted like crazy.

From dirty people wearing t-shirts to Wal-Mart having full displays trying to get you to buy the book along with a bunch of stickers you can place all over the words, because well, how many people at Wal-Mart actually know how to read? I haven’t found one yet……

Any who.. we here at Hachland have some how came across actual screen shots of this great Hunger Games movie thats coming out. And you won’t believe what we’ve got to show you!

So I’m going to have to put the story along with the pictures… so let’s begin

Meet the evil person, this is the evil lady/guy who forces people to be hungry and not eat….

This is the evil person who has forced people for years among years to not eat, it will do whatever it takes to force people to starve. Evilness is his middle name.

Now, he has picked a new victim and this man is his victim….

This poor man is being forced into the games… the HUNGRY GAMES!!!