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[The camera opens up we see a man or what appears to be a man, we can’t quite tell, there’s a being under a green towel sitting in front of the camera. The towel is very moist almost damp as it seems to be covering a mans face. The camera moves backwards slightly as we see it is a man sitting on the ground. He’s sitting with his legs sprawled out in front of him and seemingly hasn’t a care in the world. The green towel is moved by a arm that has various tattoos on them one noticeable one is a black inked barbed wire tattoo that spreads around the mans arm with red droplets placed sporadically around the barbed wire signifying blood. As the green towel comes down we are reminded of this man. This is the same man with the green face paint we previously saw in the video put out my Mike Live just a day ago. The green towel is place upon the man’s shoulder which reveals ever so much as his the shirt he is wearing has no sleeves on it, they’ve been either cut or torn off. The shirt is a black shirt, with the cover of the poster on it that was also seen originally in the Mike Live vignette. As previously noted we saw the mans legs, they too had a tattoo or two while the camera couldn’t pick it up, they were covered by black mesh shorts. The man under the green towel who most obviously due to the printing on his shirt is the so-called “The Performer” begins to speak.]

“So the chosen one and I shall dance on the stage in which all the standards will be placed. All those special standards in which Americans base their lives on. Which Americans you ask? The lame ones. The terrible ones. The damned and dirty ones. The one’s like this creation of Mike Live’s. The loser called Trademark. Trademark, what a stupid moniker. How lame! Seriously! What kind of person wants to be known as the Trademark? I guess a idiot like Morrison. A man who’s talent has been wasted for he has no talent. Punches and kicks, that’s all I can obtain from this guys videos. Why because his talent lacks! A question? NO! It’s a damn fact! Morrison, we’ve crossed paths on and off for years, while we don’t always fight against each other like we are here. This time I will show you why they call me the Performer! And show everyone else why they will call you Bitch! Bitch Morrison. Hell, that sounds pretty damn good to me. One smack of the Payne Killer and they will surely call you Bitch Morrison.”

[He starts laughing at the thought of a crowd of people chanting “Bitch”. The green towel slumps slightly off his shoulder while his black hair, his long black wet hair moves ever so gracefully around his head.]

“Now, I could go on and on how you are no good. I could tell these people that you are all washed up and that you were just a matchstick of talent and well, that talent is over. I could tell them that the only reason you were in this business is because you ran your car into Mike Live one day. That your paths just happened to be cross on one rainy night. Yet, for some reason, a dumb drunk like Morrison became a huge champion. Ha.. You know me, I wouldn’t tell them this. I would tell them how you and I have indeed crossed paths before. We’ve danced the danced. Blood has been poured from both our bodies during these battles. Now, while we’ve only faced off two times before, I know your moves. I know what to expect from you. I’ve battled you in three way dances, in tag team bouts. Hell, I’ve even seen you in those rare battle royals.”

[Confidence oozes off this man just like the water pours off his hair. His body jitters a little while he talks almost as he’s overly excited.]

“The times they be a changing and they have. I know you, you know me. There is no doubt in that. The Performer is here to tell you that the days leading up to this little dance we’re about to dance you will learn I’m not afraid of you. Fear is nothing to do with my motivation. My motivation is to destroy you! It’s to become the biggest, baddest and hell, throwing a championship belt around my waist wouldn’t hurt at all either. For Bitch Morrison, I will show you why they have dubbed you the Trademark and its not a dignified reason!”

[He suddenly throws his leg towards the camera and seemingly kicks it. As the camera suddenly turns to black.]