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[Light begins to shine through a small black hole. The hold begins to open slightly more as the world of what we are being welcomed to because a little clearer. It seems as if we are about to being introduced to something very interesting. As soon we are, music is heard we’re not quite sure at first what it is for we only hear a small beat. Then a man appears, he’s standing outside, in front of what seems to be a brick wall. A red brick wall to be a matter of fact. He’s wearing black slacks and shinny black shoes which look significantly black on the gray concrete ground. The top half of this man is showcased with a white dress shirt and a dark blue tie. For reasons yet to be known though of why this man, who wears a nice dark blue jacket is standing outside in front of a red bricked building. As the camera pans closer to his face, we recognize this man as the man in the poster which has been showcased on the Mike Live and Justin Payne videos. The mans hair is styled neatly, parted in the middle ever so slightly. He’s obviously overly dressed for his current surroundings and seems to be pacing back and forth on the concrete. He suddenly stops and looks at the camera.]

“Oh, my. Oh my. Look at this fun. We are about to open a huge bag of fun. Call up that cat from those black and white cartoons, what was his name Felix or something like that? He’ll be more than interested in opening his bag to show what kind of tricks this event will be. American Standard, the epic of epicness, the grandest of all the events. Mike Live’s back and better than ever. He’s thrown down that gauntlet, he’s ready to see a battle. He’s poured out his heart, let us into his past, his deepest concerns. Oh, Mike, why? Don’t you know these Americans, the Americans we have before us, they don’t care! They never did. Neither does this punk Justin care. He doesn’t understand the fundamentals of it all. He just knows if he uses his weapons he will succeed. Like he even has a chance!

[He begins to pace back and forth just like he did before he had started talking. He this time looks up at the sky and then suddenly seems like he has just thought of something great.]

“Justin Payne, what a original name? Did your parents come up with that one? Or did you just make it on the fly. Yeah, I know, you’ve probably heard that one before, just like the one I heard you make. How original? Seriously, come on, I don’t understand for one second how Mike can call you original. How original can someone who has taken out some of the great legends of our sport with the usage of a ken-do stick. Oh, sorry, you would like to call it Singapore cane. Whatever you call it, that gimmick you are using is old and washed up. Just like… well, just like you. Hey, remember it’s been a long time since you’ve been inside this squared circle that you’ll have to jump into. You are about to get a rude awakening. I will easily help you. I mean as in help you I mean I will help you get that ring rust off. Let’s see….

[He looks down at his hands as he raises them up in forms them both into fists. And then looks into the camera again.]

“Yes, my fists can do a lot of help. It’s quite easy, a swing of the fist. Now, Justin, I’m not quite sure how we’re going to lead into this event. Are we going to riddle off new nicknames or change each others names like for comical reasoning. Hey, I could easily say your real last name is Cest. Because hey, that would be quite enjoyable. I could say how you and your sister. But I’m not going to lower myself to a level that’s well, below me. I’m not that kind of guy.

[He pulls at his jacket. As to show that he’s a classy guy, he then pulls at his tie as to class himself or rather show himself to be a very rich and expensive tasting guy.]

“Justin, we have just over two weeks until it all comes crashing down. Till we both have to jump into the mess. One of us will step out the victor, while the other one.. Well, when you will face the hard reality that life just well, life sucks! Hey, Justin, it’s plain and simple, I’m the Trademark and well, you’re Justin………

[The camera just fades to black as Morrison nods.]