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[The world in which you soon will become known of in this segment opens up upon a cafeteria style table, like one of those kind you see at a older style pizza place. You know the one’s that are usually featured on a Gordon Ramsey show, because you know, they can’t make a pizza. It’s slightly worn it’s like that cheap fake wood color with a lame pale red top. Sitting in the booth is none other than the man we’ve met before in a vignette the man they call Trademark. He’s wearing a red polo style shirt, it’s Ralph Lauren style. You can’t really see the rest of his outfit because he’s sitting, and there’s a table in between the two. He’s got some jewelry on his wrists including a fancy watch it could be a ten dollar one or a 5 million dollar watch, like all the one’s they find in a storage unit. In front of him on the table is a coffee cup, a Styrofoam one from Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s a large size. And with the lighting form the outside, in which we actually tell it’s around daytime, maybe 10 am. He’s sitting at the table by himself, with his cellphone also on the table, the camera seems to be set up to the side of him, like it’s being placed atop a tripod of some sort, due mainly from the lack of shaking, because if someone was holding the camera it would shake a lot, much like we saw in the television series the Shield, or lame local news. Morrison begins talking, not to the camera, but straight ahead.]

“Justin, Justin, Justin. The pure Performer. Funny. I didn’t know there was anything pure about you. But then again, I’ve only know you for ten plus years. You are a good guy. And it looks like you brought one of your old friends along for the ride. Marty…. Ha.. Does he still smell as good as ever? I hope so. I hope you bring him out to the dance too. Because I think the fans would just love the guy. I mean, I know they used to, or well, whatever damn character he was being that day. If you people don’t know then you should feel hugely lucky.. The guy is a walking definition of bi-polar disorder. But that’s not who we’re talking about today. We’re talking about you Justin.”

[Morrison stops. Takes a look at his cellphone which is one of those nice one’s. The one that gets phone calls I mean. He takes a sip of his coffee and then checks his wrist watch.]

“You know, this is going to be some fun. And I see you are bringing back some old favorites. So I went out and made a few phone calls to try to even things out. I mean, obviously something is going to be going on beside just the bout between you and myself. I mean, I know I could sell out the Cowboy Stadium with just me sitting behind a desk offering signatures. But this is professional wrestling, this isn’t some clown baseball player jumping up and down on a trampoline. Haha.. I can’t believe he busted himself bad. Torn ankle and all. Ha.. Bone showing? That’s just pathetic. You remember Justin, right? That one wrestling organization that Mike Live had. In a dirty old barn, I think there was cow pies in the corner. Or well, it at least smelled like feces. It could have been Marty for all I know. You see folks, Mike Live had lost some money, he got swindled. We were all up and comers, we needed some money, we needed to gain fame. So Mike Live picked up this rusty old trampoline from where, I don’t know, he probably found it in the dump or maybe it was just in the back of this old barn. I mean, this barn was dirty, and by dirty you would think some shit on your hand was dirty, na, this thing made that look like a bar of Dial soap. He had more gimmicks in this small barn, it wasn’t even concrete, it was dirt and old feces. The guy made up gimmicks on the fly, if you were there, you were either in the crowd or doing a run in. And the run ins made no sense at all. It was ridiculous. Hell, one time he found this kid named O’Brien. I forgot his first name, but his last name was O’Brien. And because of that he thought it was a great idea to have the kid host a talk show, you know, like Conan O’Brien. But this kid had no talent, no charisma what-so-ever. The kid was more boring then paint drying. But well, Mike Live had some crazy idea of making this kid a tv host, well, that thing went over just as much as a Cobb salad. The whole thing was just damn bad. Terrible.”

[Just as Morrison’s talking, he every so often looks his head around. From straight ahead, to the left, to the right towards the camera. And every now in on looking at his cellphone like he’s expecting someone to call him. But then when you least expect it, someone walks by in front of the camera. It’s only for a brief moment but Morrison reacts quite loudly.]

“Hey, Asshole. Can’t you see I’m working here! What kind of douche bag just walks in front of a camera!!”

[Morrison this time is looking behind him and standing up. He’s yelling at someone off camera, the person was very blurry that walked by so we couldn’t tell if it was a man or a female. Or even what they had on for clothing.]

“Hey idiot why don’t you come over here. Now that you’ve ruined this take.”

[Morrison gestures for the person to come back over and then the person gets back onto the camera and then sits down with Morrison. This person is wearing a brown sports coat with a black undershirt, we can’t tell if it has a color or not, for the jacket is blinding our view. He’s wearing black dress pants… He sits down opposite of Morrison. His facial features are common with a brief amount of men. He has a five o’clock shadow, almost a full beard, but not too thick, maybe even a couple days of not shaving. He seems to be suffering from male pattern baldness or maybe even shaves his head fully. He seems around his mid 30s, but still has the look of a youngster.]

TM: “So what the hell are you doing around these parts?”

Random Guy: “Well, I was going to grab a coffee for one. I thought this place had some coffee or something. Other than that… I don’t know just visiting the family.”

TM: “Visiting the family, hmm.. The seems open for questioning. I thought most of your family moved out of these parts years ago.”

Random Guy: “Some did, some didn’t. Why the hell is it such a big importance to you?”

TM: “I don’t know, maybe a little paranoid. Maybe a little interested. I don’t know if you’ve heard whats going on, but Mike Live is getting the band back together.”

Random Guy: “What band? His skin flute band?”

TM: “Hahaha.. What have you been saving that one all your life?”

Random Guy: “No, I haven’t. I’m actually quite smart.”

TM: “Yeah, that’s what I remember about you. Being quite smart. Yep, that’s gotta be the ticket right there.”

Random Guy: “Ticket? What are you talking about ticket?”

TM: “It’s a saying smart guy.”

Random Guy: “A saying.. huh.. Like I’m gona kick your ass?”

TM: “That’s not a saying.. that seems more like a question. Something you doubt. You’ve always had that.”

Random Guy: “Had what?”

TM: “Had doubt. You always doubted yourself. That’s why the two times we’ve faced off…. I destroyed you.”

Random Guy: “You never destroyed me. You cheated. You know that. Everybody knows that.”

TM: “You know what people know. They know I’m the best. I’m the greatest. And well, they also know every where I go, I’m usually the champ.”

Random Guy: “The champ of the skin flute.”

TM: “Oh, wow!! You went and used the same quote TWICE!! You must be the most original person in the world. Oh, wait, you kind of are. We all know that one. You… wait, before I go and insult you again. Are you visiting the family or are you joining the ranks?”

Random Guy: “Mitch, you know why I’m in town. I’m not playing a ghost of Christmas past either.”

TM: “No, you obviously aren’t. Because it’s neither Christmas time and I don’t really care about you, or rather, I’m not scared of you. So basically you are in town, you’re going to play on the under card or something right? And just like old days, if you are good enough…. You’ll be like a possible challenger to me. That’s if the fans get sick of me feuding with Justin Payne or Marty Sleaze?”

Random Guy: “Listen… I’m fucking good. I’m going to come after you in due time. I just have things to do before then.”

TM: “Like shower?”

Random Guy: “I’m clean as they come buddy.”

TM: “Compared to a pig, yes. So basically, what’s going to happen, you’ll probably face off against Marty Sleaze. And that’s two bouts that Mike has.”

Random Guy: “Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not.”

[The camera suddenly fades to black.]