The other day I was browsing my On Demand listings. Looking for something to watch, obviously. And I came across this show on the USA Network called White Collar.

Now, don’t think for one second I have yet to watch this show, for there is nothing I’m not willing to watch. Well, minus Star Wars and gay porn. But then again what’s the difference there?

So I flip through the listing of a few of the shows and say “Hmmm” much like a person who would be pondering things would say it. And after finding something to enjoy and well, something I haven’t seen yet before. I picked episode 15 of the third season.

And well, now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy this show, it is a little in the branch of something I usually wouldn’t watch, yet this show keeps me entertained. And for a show on the USA network that’s well, they all seem poorly written. Especially that two hour drama on Monday nights.

So I picked this episode it’s entitled Stealing Home. The concept behind the episode is they go to Yankee Stadium. Interesting, I’ve been there.

Well, let’s see, to catch you up on the concept of the show itself it’s called White Collar. It’s based on a couple of different people and well, one is a criminal and one is a FBI person. Or maybe they call them FBIer’s I’m not all that sure, I was never given a suit and a black tie.

So it’s basically like the classic story of the Odd Couple. One guy is bad one is not. Yet, in this concept the bad guy is not bad because he killed people physically, maybe emotionally but I’m not a witch doctor. How this guy got bad was he is a con man, simple as that. And well, he’s a pretty good one or at least the show portrays him as a really good one.

Better than Nicolas Cage in Matchstick Men. I don’t think so, but then again, he doesn’t look like Nicolas Cage so that could be the best con yet.

So this guy tries to con people out of money, much like the old Enron story they had a few years back. Now how does the New York Yankees get involved?

Simple. He’s about to swindle Derek Jeter out of his pro-team quotes.

Hahaha.. Nope, just kidding there.

But they somehow get the lead that someone is planning on stealing the baseball in which was the first home run ever hit by legendary Yankee and overall the greatest known baseball player ever. A one, the only, George Herman Ruth, or to everyone outside of me, Babe Ruth.

Yes, I’m special like that.

So somehow there is a group of people about to con the Yankees out of the baseball. Well, they do it, and they do it successfully.

Yet, in the end the bad guy/good guy duo win out.

Leaving the only people to be swindled is us. The general public. Or rather the skyscrapers that sit behind Yankee Stadium.

For a screen shot of the episode portrayed that Yankee Stadium was far above the city or something of the sort and that the only thing left in the background was well, the clouds. Maybe it was a stunt by someone to say something emotionally riveting or something of the sort.


Maybe the clouds are to portray Heaven and that the whole secret meaning is that Yankee Stadium is where the Gods play.

I don’t think so, because the Chicago Cubs are well, they’re a baseball team too.

But if you don’t understand let me throw some pictures at you. The first one is what was seen on this episode of White Collar. Then the next is the real one.