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[The camera opens up once again, as it does seemingly every time. We are this time inside a hospital room. We see we’re in Justin Payne’s hospital room as he’s laying in the bed, he’s wearing a hospital gown and random other hospital stuff. Surrounding him is Marty Sleaze, well, Martin. He’s now wearing a turtle neck shirt and some dress type pants. He’s standing aside the bed and there’s another person in the room a female. She’s wearing a sweatshirt, it’s brown nothing much more. Her hair is a brownish type pulled back in a ponytail.]

Martin Sleaze: “I’m so happy your doing fine Justin. It’s been such a turbulent time. Just so glad.”

Justin Payne: “So who’s taking over for me? The doctor said I couldn’t wrestle for a few months.”

Martin Sleaze: “Well, me. I’m the one.”

Justin Payne: “Ha. Really? How did Mitch take this news?”

Martin Sleaze: “At first, not well. But then I convinced him I’m a good choice.”

Justin Payne: “A good choice? How would you go and do that?”

Martin Sleaze: “I told him I won’t play a gimmick.”

Justin Payne: “Ha, Jessica are you hearing this one?”

[The girl sitting in the chair with the ponytail nods here head up as if she wasn’t listening.]

Jessica: “What was that?”

Justin Payne: “Jess, Marty over here said he’s not going to play a gimmick.”

Jessica: “What’s a gimmick again?”

Justin Payne: “It’s kind of like an act. Or rather something you do.”

Jessica: “So?”

Justin Payne: “So.. Marty’s always playing a gimmick.”

Martin Sleaze: “Justin, I’m going by Martin now.”

Justin Payne: “Martin, huh? Like Martin Lawrence?”

Marty Sleaze: “Not exactly. More like respected person Martin.”

Justin Payne: “So you’re still playing a gimmick huh? This one is just suit worthy?”

Martin Sleaze: “Justin, come on. This is my chance and I’m sorry that you are not accepting it. I’m sorry you are tied up here because some nut doesn’t know how to drive. But I’m going to take Morrison down and out.”

Justin Payne: “Gesh, Marty, you really are ready for this one.”

Martin Sleaze: “Justin, it’s my chance.”

Justin Payne: “Marty, then take it. And don’t change.”

[The camera cuts away. We open back up at Mike Live’s office. We see Mitch Morrison and Mike Live sitting there. They haven’t changed their clothes yet since the last time we’ve last seen them.]

Mitch Morrison: “Ha, this is some funny stuff. We got that loose screw running around trying to be professional.”

Mike Live: “Mitch, I think you are pushing too hard.”

Mitch Morrison: “Too hard? What’s that mean?”

Mike Live: “Like you just said, the guy is a loose screw. I just don’t want to see you getting railroad by a guy in which you are not ready for.”

Mitch Morrison: “Ready for? Mike, it doesn’t matter who it is. I’m not worried.”

Mike Live: “You probably should worry. There’s a championship belt being made. It hasn’t been awarded to you yet. You need this win. You need to win this one.”

Mitch Morrison: “Hell, I can win this one. We can win this one, right?”

[The camera cuts away and fades to black.]