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[The camera opens up. We can hear slightly chatter, nothing too noticeable, just slightly. We seem to be inside a diner of some sorts. We see a table and a booth, there seems to be a lot of padding on the booth, much like those of times gone by. The cushions are an odd green while the table itself is an off blue. With that combination is almost sickly or in the next ten years the greatest color combination since sliced bread. Which for one isn’t a color or maybe it is. Either way to doesn’t matter much for this story as this story doesn’t involve certain colors of a dump known as some stupid diner. Because we’re here to talk about who’s sitting at the diner and it’s none other than Martin Sleaze, the new challenger in our story. He’s sitting at the table with a coffee cup in front of him. He’s wearing a white buttoned down shirt with a gray striped tie.]

Martin Sleaze: “So they want me to be more respected. They told me the games I was playing are those of a child. That my wild ways won’t get me anywhere. That they haven’t gotten me any where. Well, let’s try the game. Let’s play by the rules. No more F’N. No more Super. No more insanity. No more of that. None. All done. All over. I’m here to re-introduce myself to the world. It’s time for me to show you all how classy I can be. How respected I will be. You don’t know who I am. It’s time for me to build that up for you. To show case to the world. Hell, to myself even. Who I am. Who I’m going to be. Marty Sleaze will never be again. He won’t be a side show. He won’t be… I won’t be your clown no more. I’m here to tell you all — that my name is Martin. Martin Sleaze.

[He’s got both his arms on the table as he reaches down for the coffee cup. He takes a sip as a young lady sits down on the seat across from him. She’s the same girl that was in the hospital room with Justin Payne. If you remember correctly her name is Jessica and we’re not too sure who she is other than maybe the ex-wife of Justin Payne. Yet, she sits down across from Martin. She’s wearing a gray hoodie with her blondish hair pulled back into a pony tail.]

Martin Sleaze: “Hello, Miss Jessica.”

Jessica: “Marty, I need your help.”

Martin Sleaze: “Please, call me Martin.”

[She has the face in which she’s just shocked that it matters.]

Jessica: “Okay, Martin. Listen, Martin. I need your help.”

Martin Sleaze: “What do you need?”

Jessica: “I need money.”

Martin Sleaze: “Jessica, how am I supposed to help you with money?”

Jessica: “Simple. You are sitting there calling yourself Martin.”

Martin Sleaze: “That’s my name.”

Jessica: “Yeah, it’s your name. Mine’s Jessica. And I have a good idea.”

Martin Sleaze: “I thought you needed money.”

Jessica: “Money. Idea. They go hand and hand.”

Martin Sleaze: “Hand and hand? That’s your idea?”

Jessica: “No, that’s not it. The idea is to help you.”

Martin Sleaze: “Help me how?”

Jessica: “Listen….”

Martin Sleaze: “I’m listening.”

Jessica: “Martin, shut up for one second. Listen, the idea is perfect. You will get you well due respect and I.. well, I want the money.”

Martin Sleaze: “What money?”

Jessica: “The money that will come once you win this match.”

Martin Sleaze: “And you want that money?”

Jessica: “I want to help you win.”

Martin Sleaze: “How are you going to help me win?”

Jessica: “Easy. Remember Miss Elizabeth?”

Martin Sleaze: “The 80s icon?”

Jessica: “Yeah, I guess. The wife of Macho Man Randy Savage. She came to the ring with him all the time. She helped him become a better man and a champion. I want to help you do that.”

Martin Sleaze: “You want to marry me?”

Jessica: “No, no. We’re not taking this that far. I want to help you win a championship. Not to help you jerk off.”

Martin Sleaze: “I don’t think I need help with that.”

Jessica: “But you are going to need someone in your corner. Especially with this match against Morrison. He’s not going to let you win this one. He will call out all of his goons.”

Martin Sleaze: “Justin and I were once his goons. How many more of us are out there?”

Jessica: “How much money do you think he has?”

Martin Sleaze: “I don’t know. A lot.”

Jessica: “Exactly. So his chances of getting the goons are high. So you’re going to need me.”

Martin Sleaze: “What about Justin?”

Jessica: “Do you think he’s going to be ready?”

Martin Sleaze: “No.”

Jessica: “So are we going to do this or what?”

Martin Sleaze: “What are we going to do?”

Jessica: “I am going to be Miss Jessica. And you are going to be Martin Sleaze, the champion!”

Martin Sleaze: “I like the sound of that.”

Jessica: “So is it a yes?”

[Jessica puts her hand over the table awaiting a hand shake. He pulls his hand out and then grabs her and shakes her hand. They’re both grinning a lot as they both obviously like what has been done. The camera zooms into the hand shake and then fades to black.]