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Finally… It’s my predictions sure to go WRIGHT!!!!

Predictions for the 28th Annual or semi-annual WrestleMania!!!!!

It’s only semi because I semi care about the event. On one hand I fairly enjoy the show and second hand I have two hands.

So without much ado about this let’s start…

The Rock versus John Cena

The drama has been billed to this little event for months and months… I think it actually started last year.. Or maybe even… It doesn’t matter when it started!!!It will all come to a quick conclusion here, because The Rock has about 5 or 5,000 more movies to do. I think his next one he turns into a emotional guy and sits by a couch listening to a phone….

Winner: John Cena

Because The Rock is all about putting things over.. Like his wrestling career will finally be.

Hell In A Cell
The Undertaker versus Triple H

With Special Guest Referee Shawn MichaelsNow this match has been building for a quick year.. As in the Undertaker and the Triple H, yes, the… Have both been off screen living life. Because they’re old.

Any ways, Shawn Michaels is old too. I can call them all old because they’re older than me. That’s dignified right?

Winner: The Undertaker

Because you can’t kill the streak now.. Even if it should have been wiped years ago.. And it kinda smells….

WWE Championship
C.M. Punk versus Chris JerichoThe spinning title is on the line here as the guy who doesn’t drink, smoke or take a shower fights the guy who has so many side projects you’d think he travels from place to place in well, a side car…

Hmm.. that didn’t go over fairly well. Neither does this match. I don’t get the reasoning for it, it’s lame. Just like the finish of it…

Winner: C.M. Punk

Because Jericho has a new reality show to host until it falls off the side of the building and goes Fozzy…. yuck….

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan versus Sheamus

I’ve seen both of these guys numerous times before or maybe just once.. But either way they were both in South Philly when I saw them. One just wasn’t wrestling he was cleaning up the table at the bad Philly Cheese Steak place.

Any ways…

Winner: Sheamus

Why!? Because The American Dragon is going to Raw!!

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes versus The Big Show

This match came about because both were getting a push and well, they didn’t want to shove them too much. So they pushed it semi-somewhat and bam this is it.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Because The Big Show is just that a big show. Wow, talk about over rated.

Randy Orton versus KaneThe only reason these two are facing off is because well… Rey Mysterio is hurt…..

Kane wears a mask. Orton gives him a gay stare… Blah Blah…

Winner: Randy Orton

Team Teddy versus Team JohnnyNow, please don’t follow me here. But is this a match featuring two types of things women wear?

Okay.. I don’t know..

But we always need a boss versus boss type match and use about 10 different guys because we haven’t a clue what we’re doing here at WWE. But then again when did they… Winner!?

Winner: Who cares… Not the fans… Let’s use a Groundhog Day’s analogy.. Teddy Long will see his shadow

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

Hmmm… where did the Anvil’s daughter go?

This will be quick… THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

Winner: 13 Year old boys…