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I was originally going to do a weekly wrestling column, story, article, babble or what have you. This was going to start off with a former WCW star who currently isn’t wrestling. Yet, well, news has recently broke that has changed my direction. Now, I would like to talk about Buff Bagwell.

Buff Bagwell or Marcus Bagwell for all of you wrestling history buffs. No pun intended, if there is actually one there. Bagwell is currently in the hospital because of a car accident. A car accident which has been featured on the TMZ website, a accident in which is filled with questions.

Now, I’m not going to go into the details of the accident or the fact that all of this random mystery around it has come to surface. It’s not my job to speculate what has or had happened. I’m not a police officer nor a doctor. This is just something I don’t feel like talking about. But I feel I should talk about the Buff Daddy. So I’m going to take a look at his career or at least what I remember the most about his career.

As a young lad, I remember first seeing Bagwell and his tag team partner Scotty Riggs. They were the tag team called American Males and well, I remember their theme song. Which simply put was their tag team name repeated over and over and over and over and well, over some more. The team would clap their hands over their heads along with the song too.


Well, they were one of those tag teams that could have seen lasting strength, but due to the situation in WCW at the time in which numerous tag teams were involved already in the company they would evolutionarily dissolve. They would briefly feud with each other and then went onto join the huge groups of WCW.

Bagwell went on to join the nWo and formed a new tag team with Scott Norton. Wait, that’s Flash Scott Norton. I don’t understand why they would call him Flash, but hey, that’s what they did.

Now Bagwell never won to win a major World Heavyweight title, but he was one of the greatest tag team wrestlers ever. He tagged with Riggs, Norton as well as 2 Cold Scorpio, Shane Douglas and even the Patriot. All of which he won the Tag Titles with. In 1991 he was awarded WCW’s Rookie Of the Year. Yet, in a decade later the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded him the Most Embarrassing Wrestler. Which to some would be an obvious embarrassment but Hulk Hogan did win it 5 times.

With Bagwell sitting in the hospital we must not think sad. We must think very highly of his wrestling career. While it has faded away this past decade he did make a brief run in TNA and has been seen in various independent rings.

Although the curse of the professional wrestler is in the back of our mind. A curse that is seen to also occur to members of the NFL. The curse is simple and it’s sad, that the life of a wrestler is short and usually reckless. See the life and times of Scott Hall. Hopefully we will see him fully recover. Yet the fear he will join the ever growing group.

And no… I didn’t vandalize this picture