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Every few years wrestling seems to repeat itself. Be it Hulk Hogan turning baby face or even the return of Paul Bauer. Or the recycling of old gimmicks and characters. It seems to happen nearly every few years weather we want it or not.

This is reoccurring once again, this time its happening in WWE. You see they have this new wrestler, well, a new gimmick for this wrestler guy. And well they call him Brodus Clay. And well, he is a repeat.

A repeat of numerous amounts of wrestlers from years ago and years to come as well. His gimmick is a dancing wrestler. While his size is slightly different than previous incarnations his gimmick, his basic character it’s been done and tried before.

Here’s a list of a bunch of other dancing wrestlers:

Disco Inferno

The one and the only Disco Inferno. If you are like me you remember him, if not, then you don’t. For those who don’t let me explain, Disco was a WCW star, well, a WCW character. He like his name was big into Disco. He would do the classic disco type dancing and even had the bell bottoms! One of the WCW video games, not sure if it was WCW Thunder or WCW Nitro, maybe both, but they had a special code where Disco’s character would do the classic disco dance and even all the wrestlers involved would do it.


Jeff Jarrett

You may know Jeff Jarrett as one of the founders of TNA, but do you recall that he once was a member of WWE? Yes, he was. He was refereed to as Double J. He may not have been a huge dancing gimmick type he did however pretend to play the guitar. I said pretend because I can’t recall him actually ever playing it. He also did his in-ring strut, which is similar to the classic Ric Flair strut but with the Jarrett style.


Ernest “The Cat” Miller

Probably the closes to the style of Brodus Clay. Ernest “The Cat” Miller was a former Karate star turned WCW star and then even appeared in the movie The Wrestler. “The Cat” would come to the ring with soul music blaring and he would be dancing like James Brown. His act usually included a split and the phrase “Somebody Call My Momma.” His theme is actually currently being reused by Brodus Clay. SEE! SEE!


Dusty Rhodes

For you non-wrestling fans you will easily remember the Dusty Rhodes I’m talking about. You wrestling fans… well, you will remember this disgrace as well. Dusty starred in WWE and wore a yellow with black polka dot outfit and danced around the ring like a big yellow bee. It was embarrassing.



Once upon a time Ted Turner owned WCW, he also had purchased the rights of the Wizard of Oz and well, he added the two together. Thus creating Oz. Now, Oz as we’ve found out decades later was played by Kevin Nash. And now we don’t really remember Oz dancing, but the character is so bad he must have done some dancing!


Johnny B. Badd

The legend who would turn to WWE and become Marc Mero was once a WCW mid-card hero. In which his character was named after a Chuck Berry song, his whole gimmick was showcasing a very flamboyant style. A slight spinning with arms spread out was the version of his dancing.


Alex Wright

Das Wunderkind was and will continue to be the greatest WCW wrestler never to be the WCW World Heavyweight champion. Or maybe I’m wrong on that one. Either way, Alex Wright was a dancing wrestler, for a brief moment. He would dance pre-match and sometimes post-match when he was still getting pushed and later tagging with Disco Inferno as the Dancing Fools.


Flash Funk

Better known as 2 Cold Scorpio, the Flash Funk character was seen in WWE in the 1990s and would come out obviously a tad flashy and with a little funk. His character outside of WWE wasn’t much different though. Yet, well, he was still a dancing clown. Or fool rather.


Gorgeous George

The original of originals, Gorgeous George may not have danced as the likes of Brodus Clay, but he was definitely the original fancy pants of fancy. He was so fancy he even had bobby pins in his hair to keep it in place while he wrestled.


Mark Henry & The Great Khali

Two of the biggest dancing fools you could ever meet. Just tell them they’re a bunch of fools. I dare you! Well, obviously this is a joke, a one time thing that we just found out there on Google Images.

Well, there may be more dancing wrestlers to come and there has been a bunch we haven’t mentioned. So let me ask you… do you know of any others?

Comment on this post. If you have the moves!