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Last night on Impact wrestling we saw Jeff Hardy in a nice black shirt and purple tie. The only problem with him being respectable was that he closed his eyes… Wait, or did he open them?

One doesn’t know.

One also doesn’t understand how Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson keep getting number one contenders matches. Then again maybe it’s because they haven’t gotten suspended like their former companys stars keep getting themselves.

So yeah, the early preview of my Impact review is this those three names I previously mentioned, well, they’re going to be facing off in a three way dance this weekend at Slammiversary.

The match should be pretty good I mean they all have great talent and well, them all being faces should also be a interesting twist on a three way dance. I mean, it should nearly have the same feel as a Ring Of Honor match, well, not like crazy young talent that should be pushed, I mean, yeah, maybe it should be the complete opposite. But it what I’m trying to say is that it shall be similar to a respect match. Like everyone respects each other and such on.

While the greatness of this match is yet to be seen, but what is to be seen is that the winner of this bout becomes the number one contender and will face off against the winner of Sting and Bobby Roode’s World Title match at next weeks Impact.

Ratings boost or ratings killer?

One will have to tune in to see. After all, TNA in my eyes at least is on the climb to the top. Storylines are continuing to build up some thing wrestling has seen in a long while and that being continued meaning. Lately most of the story lines in the world of wrestling have died off quickly and made us all extremely sad that those powers to be don’t understand what we like or even what is working.

It’s nice to see TNA sticking to its guns and that’s giving us everything we want!

Okay, maybe we’re not getting everything… Joey Ryan for instance. He is getting a lot of television time regardless if he’s not a member of the TNA roster or not.

But then again, this some what reminds me of when Raven joined WCW. He sat in the front row, was he with WCW or just hanging out? I mean somewhat the same, somewhat different. Either way, it’s a great way to make a star well, a star.

So keep tuned for my Impact review or at least more of it!