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Before it’s too late.. And as I promised.. let’s take a quick look at the somewhat final run down for tonights TnA Slammiversary Pay Per View live from some where in Texas!!

I added the exclamation marks because my brother used to live in Texas and I actually am excited for TNA… the first time since I’m not sure, it was probably when Sting first came back this latest time with the whole Joker face paint gimmick. So maybe a few months. After all TNA is superbly better than anything else on TV right now and that’s coming straight from my hip, because well I have a hip and all.

So if you haven’t read my latest Impact Review you should probably go read it, let me link it right about here – click this link to read – don’t click this link to not read – Ha the second one wasn’t a link!

Now after you’ve read it, because you are a fairly quick reader, you should already know the main way I feel about many of tonight’s matches. How I’m excited for some and very excited for others. Especially excited for the possibility of the greatness of it all. Plus why is Christian coming to the PPV? Is he the first Hall Of Fame Inductee? So many questions to ask, so let’s well answer them or at least guess them.

Using my special powers of Dr. Hogan, Russo, M.D. and Mike Live Esquire I shall tell you all how it will go down..

Bobby Roode (c) vs. “The Icon” Sting

Predictions Surely To Go Left :: The It Factor Bobby Roode will win this one. I’m not sure how other than some heel type tactic maybe James Storm will come out and accidentally cost Sting the title or maybe he’ll turn heel. One shall never know. But tomorrow we will. So let’s just and say Roode wins!

Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

P.S.T.G.L. :: I would really like to see a RVD push and maybe RVD turn heel because I haven’t seen a true RVD Heel movement since ECW and even then it was more of a cocky heel movement like a I’m the TV Champ and your not. I would like to see a vindictive RVD.. Something different than the RVD we’ve seen lately or as in forever. Then again if RVD changed his gimmick he could ruin it like Raven ruined his. Then again we’re not talking about gimmicks or heel turns, we’re talking about a number one contender’s match. So I’m siding that RVD will probably lose this one and I actually think Mr. Anderson might win this one, so I’m going with that one. Because Jeff Hardy’s Eyes SAID SO!!

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (c) vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Picking A Mistress :: D & K can’t win this one can they? Yes they can! Angle turns heel.. Eh. maybe not. But I have this feeling Daniels and Kazarian will win this, but then again watch Dixie Carter make Styles win. I’m still sticking with Daniels and Kazarian!

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim (c)

Picking a Chicking :: The Tessmacher regardless of her first name whether it be Ms, Miss or Brooke is getting a fairly decent push. So my guessing is this continues and she gets the strap.

Mystery Of My Brother, You Know, Abyss
Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Picking a Brother, Brother :: Bully Ray is a heel, thus he will lose. Unless… Wait, change of thought. Instant Classic. Abyss costs his brother this win… How does that happen? I don’t know, but this will be a no decision. And we will see some thumb tacks!
The Title Isn’t On the Line
Samoa Joe vs. X Division Champion Austin Aries

Picking A Mid Card Champion :: Joe will win this one because he has to. He’s due for a win and this will just start the feud of the summer. Yes, I’ve called Bully Ray and Joe Park the feud too, but this one will be the best of 3 falls, iron man match, etc. etc.

Tagging TV Time
TV Champion Devon & Garett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T

Picking A Jersey Guy :: The Robbie’s have to win this one, because it would be odd if they didn’t. They win this one and go on to becoming Tag Champ contenders. Because Devon and Garett can’t become anything more than a odd feud. Trying to push Garett feud.
Crimson’s Open Challenge

Picking A Undefeated Challenger :: Crimson will win. Noberg a.k.a. No Goldberg. Joey Ryan will come out. Wait! Another change. Joey Ryan wins. Gets a TNA job. Or maybe he does the TNA job. To get a job or do a job is the question.But then again I did mention Chris Sabin would be involved in this, who knows, is he staying is he going? We don’t want to see a Marc Mero type thing here.

Incase You Forgot These Two
Kid Kash vs. Hernandez

Ummm… Pickin’ A –ic :: Um… well, you see this is a match, I forgot if Mexican America or whatever the name of the mock Latino World Order is still around but Hernandez wins because Dixie likes him… Maybe that or Chris Masters costs him the win and begins a feud and then Chris Sabin feuds with Kash and then we will all be happy.

Now thats my preview. That’s how

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it’s going down. Don’t believe me? Go ask Eric Young!

P.S. Where is the Chosen One?