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Sixteen years ago the number two wrestling company at the time was WCW. After a few weeks, if not a few months of build up with a bunch of bullies known simply at the time as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash running ramped through out the WCW. Saying they’re taking over and to get ready for a war it was actually time for that war. The war was to be held at WCW’s annual Bash At The Beach pay-per-view. Three of the best that WCW had to offer, three of the Big Boys if you will, would take on the duo of Hall and Nash and a mysterious third member as well. We all know where this event would turn out to become. The formation of the nWo occurred as Hulk Hogan turned on his buddies Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Sting. Setting the world upside down and causing the world to take notice of the number two company.

Now why would I mention this first and fore most at the very top of an article entitled Destination X – The Start of Something? Well, maybe this is actually the start of something, when TNA finally makes some waves and gets out of the shadows of the conglomerate known as WWE. Maybe after the ten years of brief spikes and mostly small plateaus we can actually see TNA take on WWE and maybe start a new battle, a new war, a new Monday Night War!

A few of us, especially me included has turned our back on wrestling over the past decade or so. Minus a few John Cena sightings and things this probably has been the dark days of wrestling. While you John Cena fans may not think of this as the dark days but rather the great days. It really is dark times in wrestling. The hype isn’t there. But it’s coming. It’s slowly building. With TNA actually putting on solid shows back to back and back again and even that small Philadelphia organization that has seen it’s ups and mostly downs known as Ring Of Honor has actually pushed some good shows out that are getting quite a following thanks to their new owners the Sinclair Broadcast Group and the national exposure thanks to the company owning many television networks.

But we’re not here to talk about ROH, well, maybe a little bit, but this is TNA’s show. TNA’s time to shine and show us what if anything they will do for us. With tonight being their big July pay-per-view entitled Destination X we wonder what destination we will be seeing. As this is a show geared around the X Division, which for all you old school, classic WCW fans is their Crusierweight Division. It’s the little guys who jump around like jumping beans.

Tonights main event will see the X Division Champion drop his belt and attempt to go after the World Heavyweight Title as Booby Roode defends it against Austin Aries. Roode is the bad guy, Aries isn’t quite the good guy, nor the bad guy, he’s more of a gray guy. Aries wanted something more, he wanted a shot at the World Title and in order for him to gain this opportunity he had to give up the X Division title. Per Hulk Hogan the companies front man, or General Manager or Commissioner or whatever term we’re using this week.

Now the odd thing is that yes Aries is being played as the face, the good guy if you will. And he has some brass. He has that I could be a bad guy with a flick of the switch. So I’m waiting for a swerve. I mean we always are waiting for a swerve. After all this is professional wrestling, it’s not Nascar. We don’t take lefts, we take lefts, rights, ups, down, middles and all else. But I guess what I’m trying to mention is that Hulk Hogan is really, really, siding with this Aries guy. Like almost too much. I mean it’s been 16 years that we could trust the Hulkster and I don’t know if I can now.

There’s a few things that is running through my mind that could happen with this main event. We could see Aries over come Roode and capture the title. Clean finish, no problems. Yet, I feel something else is going to happen. Like maybe, just maybe Hulk will turn on Aries. Or maybe Aries will turn on Hulk and join forces with Roode. I don’t know, I just can’t see the plain and simple thing happening.

I mean I just see a formation occurring. Something similar to nWo, but maybe not quite as powerful, well, maybe that’s not the right word, maybe what I’m looking for is, not quite as big. Maybe Aries will lead a group of renegades, or maybe just a group of X Division talent. After all he’s been in a group or two before.

So imagine this.. skipping the thickness of a actual full in-depth review of the X Division tournament… what if Kenny King wins the X Division title. And then Aries wins the World Title. Bam! Right there they own the two biggest titles in the company and then they own it all!

But then again I could just be babbling.

Hey, maybe this group that attacked Sting is with them. Instead of Aces and Eights, we’ll just have a Royal Flush, or something like that. Haha.. I don’t know. But that would be something to see King leave ROH behind and become the X Division Champion and then Aries the World Champion. You just can never know, right?