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While I and the ever so famous Ken Brown (@ken_progolf) debate over if tonight’s WWE Pay-Per-View event is called Hell In A Cell or Heel In A Cell. I think I should fade away from the mainstream wrestling event tonight and mention a few of my recent discoveries I’ve made in my month long research and hardcore investigation.

Yes, it’s been a few tough months as I’ve tried to dig threw the muck and have attempted to help reveal the truth behind this new power group that has wrecked havoc in the world of TNA. Of course I am talking about Aces & Eights. That evil heel group that has taken out some of the top names in TNA such as Hulk Hogan, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Sting, Kurt Angle and countless others.

Now who are these masked men parading around on iron horses?

At TNA’s latest Pay-Per-View one of the men was unmasked and revealed to be Devon. Yes, that Devon. From the inbred, multi-racial family from a certain “Ville”. I think it’s near Parts Unknown. This has sparked some interest in who will become the next revelation. Will it be someone we have never seen in TNA? Or will it be one of the top talents in TNA?

Let’s take a wild guess and name a few of my speculations. After all I’ve been on the search for months now! Being chased around the country by a certain type of men who ride motorcycles and hang out in public wearing masks. These guys are relentless from stalking me while I stayed in a hotel room that they were already staying in to asking me why I’m following them.

We need to stop them from these savage actions!

So it’s time to stop their games and reveal them. Or at least take a few more guesses on who they may or may not be.

Ric Flair? Yes. Flair! That legend of legends, the Doctor of the Whooooooooo! The man that is supposedly in the hottest wrestler in wrestling today due to a supposed lawsuit which pits the two wrestling companies against each other for the hoping of something I’m not sure of. But ever since the reveal of Devon who supposedly left has brought me to think maybe Flair. Hell, why not Flair? There is only one person in this entire wrestling world who would have this much distaste for Hulk Hogan. What else would be a great feud than Hogan versus Flair? Can you name another way to cultivate the 30 plus year feud of the two biggest names in wrestling than Flair leading a group to finally once and forever take out Hulkamania? Hey, we all know Flair can’t reassemble the Four Horsemen because of the WWE owning the copywrite so why not the new horse. The motorcycle.

Sting? Wait, Sting!? I’ve got to be kidding you! Well, why not Sting? Next to Flair who has Hogan betrayed more? Sting would and well, he actually does have a following not touched by WWE. A following in which hell, I’d follow the guy through Hell itself. So why wouldn’t these young recruits do so? After all, it’s Sting. It’s the guy who first got attacked by this heel group. Could it all have been the biggest swerve in history? Call Vince Russo and tell him this is how you swerve.

Kurt Angle? After this past Impact I’ve thought wait, why not Kurt? I first revealed my thought of Kurt Angle being the face of the Aces & Eights months ago when I connected the dots. And by connecting the dots I mean that Kurt is currently the same age Hulk Hogan was when he led the New World Order to well, a completely new world order. But wait didn’t Kurt get jumped and beat up by the Aces? Yeah, he did. Isn’t that how you recruit someone? Wasn’t it mentioned there is only two ways in to this group? Then again maybe Kurt is just going to take some time off after all his internet rumors of his injuries.

John Laurinaitis. Wait, what? Isn’t that the WWE guy? Yep. But then again it’s a group called Aces & Eight. Who better to be the leader than Johnny Ace himself? Hey, you never know!

Jeff Jarrett. Okay, obviously the story lines are all leading up to the classic Jeff Jarrett being the leader of Aces & Eights. With being pushed out of power from TNA and being pushed aside anytime Hulk Hogan and Sting have risen to power from the history including WCW and even Hogan’s first TNA run in which Jarrett slammed the guitar over Hogan’s head. Jarrett as the leader would be the most obvious choice. But is Jarrett even willing to return to the ring? Or is he having too much fun at home with the family?

Hulk Hogan. Hmm… Why not? He has turned on us before with the nWo. So basically it’s a given. But then again why would Hogan be attacking himself? Or maybe it’s just part of Hogan’s ego putting Hogan over. Because only Hogan can put over Hogan.

Bully Ray…. Yes, he’s given us that totally 180 recently and showed that he is strongly against the Aces & Eights. Coming out and teaming with Sting, even slapping on the classic Sting face paint. But what if this is all a huge ploy from Bully? Who thought he would be so cunning as to swerve the entire world into believing he was a good guy. And all of that and then the fact he was actually shocked by the fact his brother was a part of the group has confused him. Maybe he’s not a bully, but he’s bi-polar? Or maybe it’s something different. Maybe it’s just a Bully being a well, Bully.

James Storm? He’s a biker dude. Or at least seemingly. Maybe it is him. After all he’s been hanging out with a SOB. Well, the other federations favorite wrestler…

Steve Austin. Yes, wouldn’t that be the biggest get? Having Steve Austin revelaed as the leader of Aces & Eights. Wouldn’t Vince McMahon just sh*t his pants?

The Undertaker. Wait, what? After all the Aces & Eights is referred to as the Dead Man’s hand. Ala the Undertaker.

Bobby Roode. It’s been said he’s rich. So why not hire a band of misfits?

Joseph Parks. Another good idea. Having the so called lawyer to the lawyer being the leader. Who else would torture himself than the leader? I know if history has told us anything Joseph Stalin never did any of that. But maybe the law firm of Parks, Parks and Parks has made a financial decision to run TNA into the ground. Yet maybe it’s not Parks, maybe it’s….

ABYSS! Hell he wears a mask. Aces & Eights wears masks. Abyss is big. Aces & Eights are a big group. It’s a savvy idea. Because TNA fans want Abyss.

Tony Schiavone…. Yes, the voice of WCW. Wouldn’t it be the biggest swerve of them all? After all where has Schiavone been since Hog Wild? My point exactly!

Vince Russo… Hell, if we’re mentioning Schiavone than why not Russo…. It could actually turn him into a creative guy again, instead of the IWC Joke he has become.

Someone else? Most likely. These are just wild guesses of who the actual leader of the Aces & Eights is. Or the President as they’re calling it. Who will it be? Who could it be? Do you think you know? Have I overlooked someone who should be mentioned?

Wait, should I have mentioned Dr. Tom or Bruce Prichard? Damnit! After all I am Prichard Guy! Are you!?