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After watching the WWE’s production of nWo The Revolution ideas of a revival came to my mind. As it does every so often. The classic what if’s and who could be in the newest incarnation of the world famous heel organization pop into the mind every so often. Like the other day, like a few months ago and a couple years back. Well, ever since the death of WCW these ideas have come to mind.

But now with the death of WCW being well over a decade ago and the start of a heel organization in TNA who doesn’t own the rights to the nWo name the thoughts of WWE trying to start a heel group spark again. Hell, they did it back when nWo first started. Yes, DX, that small little group in which WCW Guy thinks and knows was and still is a completely rip off of nWo. Hell, it even had a few of the same characters Sean Waltman and Rick Rude.

So now with TNA bringing Aces & Eights out do we think WWE will start a heel group? Well, we just recently got a group called 3MB from them. That’s Three Man Band and it stars a man known as Heath Slater as well as Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Now this group has seemingly become similar to the WWE’s classic J.O.B. Squad which was a group of men who well, did the job. Basically a group of losers.

Still the what ifs spill in. Is nWo coming back?

Rumors have spread ever since CM Punk and Paul Heyman joined forces. Yet, Heyman isn’t a nWo guy. Or should I say Heyman isn’t a Bischoff Guy. Bischoff the mastermind behind the entire nWo. Or at least the guy who was in charge when it all started.

So maybe it won’t be led by Heyman and Punk. Maybe they’ll retstart Heyman’s WCW heel group from back in the early 90s called the Dangerous Alliance. Maybe they’ll buy the rights for the nWo…..

But what if WWE’s three new guys.. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns who at last weeks Monday Night Raw and even the night before at Survivor Series had attacked the number one contender Ryback. Are these three guys behind the new nWo? Or are they by themselves? Are they with Punk and Heyman? Or by themselves?

Now let’s speculate a couple of other possible combinations. While watching the nWo Revolution DVD I noticed a theme minus the fact it only had old video taped interviews from decades ago with members of the nWo and it only had a sad looking Lex Luger and a even sadder looking Kevin Nash of possible somewhat current interviews but it had the sons of nWo members.

Yes, I’m talking about the juniors.

I’m somewhat a history buff, yes, instead of going to the gym to get my “swell” on. I go to the library to lift books and pump paper… Ehh..

Any what… There was the Sons of The Revolutionary War. What if we had the Sons of the nWo. In the DVD we heard from Cody Rhodes and Joe Hennig. Both of which had their fathers in the original nWo. What if they started up the nWo again?

What if these two groups started both of their own factions of the nWo? Would it be too much nWo? Or just enough?

And what if they battled over who is the real nWo? And the only way to solve it was by getting a son of the original three to lead it?

And with Hogan being a TNA guy. And Kevin Nash who’s son is way too young. It only leaves one person… Yes, Scott Hall and his son Cody.

Maybe it’s a little too early for all this but then again couldn’t it be great?


Maybe not.

Either way it’ll be great.

Because nWo is just too sweet!